After Ben Higgins ‘Bachelor’ Rejection, Jubilee Sharpe Thanks Fans And Reveals Relationship Status

Jubilee Sharpe is keeping her head up. On Tuesday, the day after The Bachelor viewers saw Ben Higgins send her home during a group date, Jubilee thanked her fans for their love and support.

Jubilee tweeted that all the people who have sent her love and support are making her smile. She attached a photo of herself with a big smile on her face while sitting in a car.


Several people commented that Jubilee should be the star of the next The Bachelorette season. Given that the franchise has picked its next star from the previous season’s cast for several seasons now, Jubilee may have a shot at being the next Bachelorette. While she wasn’t on the show for very long, having been eliminated on the show’s fifth week, she did get a lot of screen time during her time there. Not all of the Bachelors and Bachelorettes have been the second or third runner-ups from the previous season. Prior to becoming the Season 18 star of The Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis was eliminated on week six during his run for Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock.

Jubilee seems to still be open to love. On Monday night, Jubilee tweeted to singer Lee Brice, who had sang a song for her on Bachelor Live, that she’s single.


On the latest Bachelor episode, the remaining women and Ben Higgins went to Mexico City. During a group date that included Jubilee Sharpe, they took a Spanish lesson, shopped for ingredients, and then cooked a Mexican dish. Despite winning the cooking challenge with her partner, Jubilee was visibly uncomfortable and not happy. Later, as the group relaxed over cocktails, Jubilee became upset over Ben not paying her any attention. She didn’t like how Ben was spending one-on-one time with the other women rather than her. When Ben finally asked Jubilee for some private time and tried to hold her hand when she walked up to him, she pulled her hand away and sarcastically explained that she didn’t want to make the other women jealous.

During their time along together, Ben voiced his concern that Jubilee was pulling away from him. Jubilee admitted that it was difficult for her to see him with other women. After some back and forth, Jubilee asked Ben if he sees a future with her. “I do not,” Ben admitted. Ben said that it was best that Jubilee leave that night and then walked her out of the hotel into a cab. Ben was shown being distraught over sending Jubilee home.

In her interview, Jubilee said that her biggest fear of getting her heart broken was realized and that she knew it would happen. “I’m like the most unlovable person in the world right now,” Jubilee sobbed.

In his People blog, Ben wrote that Jubilee was being passive aggressive, behavior that he’s not looking for in a wife.

“Now I understand how difficult this experience can be at times. And no one has ever said being on a group date is easy, especially when you have feelings growing and developing…Jubilee wasn’t communicating any of this to me at this point. And it was obvious even from a distance that there was a problem with her. And instead of coming to me and telling me that there was a problem, she chose to be passive-aggressive and make snide comments here and there…Waiting for me to pull her aside and pull it out of her instead of coming to me and telling me there was an issue…I know there will be hard times. Times when my wife and I will fight or disagree or when I will make mistakes. And what I am looking for in a life partner is someone who will love me through those moments. Even when she doesn’t like me very much, she will love me still – support me and communicate with me.”

Ben then wrote that JoJo Fletcher’s response to him sending Jubilee Sharpe home, pulling him aside and comforting him, is the type of behavior that he wants in a wife. He then admitted that he probably should have given the group date rose to JoJo instead of to Olivia Caridi.


Last week, Olivia received a lot of criticism for talking about how hard it is for her to have cankles after Ben had revealed that two people close to him had just died. As The Inquisitr reported, Olivia explained why she talked about her cankles and that her conversation with Ben was “butchered.”

Is Ben Higgins saying in his People blog that JoJo displayed the kind of partnership he wants and that he should’ve given the rose to JoJo rather than Olivia a hint that The Bachelor viewers will see JoJo Fletcher as the winner? On Monday, Ben also tweeted a clip of him giving JoJo Fletcher a high five and then kissing her.


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