Michele Bachmann: United Nations May Have ‘UN Secretary General Obama’ Start World World War 3, Invade Israel For New World Order

Michele Bachmann believes President Obama’s retirement will be quite busy, what with a New World Order needing to be set up properly. As evidence for this belief, she cites a recent story, which claims that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to prevent Obama’s new job from becoming the new United Nations Secretary General. If Obama takes over the UN, Bachmann believes Obama’s policies will eventually lead to Israel being at the center of World War 3 as predicted by Bible prophecy — and Obama might be the Antichrist himself.

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The rumors do have some basis in fact. The current UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, just happens to be ending his term in office in 2016. Since Obama will be job hunting in January, some might assume Obama might be the perfect fit. As The Washington Times puts it, the United Nations general assembly is “dominated by left-wing regimes that despise America and the democratic traditions it stands for” so they “might happily support the ex-president who set out to cut America down to size.”

“Mr. Obama is said to think he can resolve the warfare between Shiites and Sunnis, between Persians and Arabs, Turks and Kurds, Copts and Salafists, and get the states of the United Nations to acclaim him as the messiah once envisioned for himself in Washington. Hope and change didn’t work there, but maybe it would at the U.N., where standards and expectations are lower.”

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu has apparently heard the rumor generated by Kuwaiti daily Al-Jarida, with the Jerusalem Post reporting that Netanyahu wants to “torpedo the Obama project.” Still, the rumor seems unlikely to happen in reality since the United Nations has never had a Secretary General with a high-ranking background from a permanent member of the UN Security Council such as the United States.


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Even though Obama’s United Nations job is still a rumor at this stage, Michele Bachmann believes Obama would establish a New World Order under UN rule.

“Obama would only go into an empowered, powerful UN, powerful enough to see the United States come under the UN’s authority,” Bachmann warned.

Since the talk show was discussing the end times of the Bible, radio host Eric Barge suggested that Obama may in fact be the Biblical Antichrist.

“The whole idea of Obama being able to extend his presidency, even enhance it and expand it, I don’t think I need to say what I’m thinking because I think a lot of the listeners are thinking the same thing, and we all are too, and as you shake your head you wonder what’s coming next,” he said.

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[Image via ShutterStock/Razvan Ionut Dragomirescu]
Over the long term, it is claimed the Syrian war will set up conditions for World War 3, with Russia and Iran working together to invade Israel with the backing of China.

“I believe that they are positioning themselves so that someday they could invade Israel to be able to take over the vast stores of oil and natural gas that Israel is controlling,” Bachmann said, according to Right Wing Watch.

Assuming world events are happening as laid in the Bible, Bachmann believes the latest news should be interpreted with “with a Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other.” Under Obama, the United Nations would eventually transform into “a global world order to keep their game going into the future and to support them if they would invade against Israel.”

What do you think about Michele Bachmann’s comments on the United Nations, the Antichrist, and Obama?

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