‘Affluenza’ Ethan Couch’s Family Has A Long History Of Brushes With The Law

In the apple doesn’t fall from the tree news, Ethan Couch comes from a family that have all had scrapes with the law. For now, the affluenza inflicted family has two members awaiting hearings, and a third who has just filed divorce from the other. One way or the other, the Couch family problems were at least to some degree foreseeable.

According to The Inquisitr, animosity against the Couch family is mounting, and leading the charge is MADD, which believes that Ethan Couch should be treated as an adult from here on out. For now, Couch is in a juvenile facility pending a hearing at the end of February. His mother, Tonya Couch, is living under house arrest with another son, also awaiting a hearing or trial. Both are in significant legal trouble.

The New York Daily News reported that Ethan Couch demonstrated disrespect for the authorities, like when he mouthed off after the wreck he caused while drunk that killed four people.

“I spoke with him at some length about the various consequences of his driving and drinking,” wrote Fort Worth, Texas, police officer W.E. Spakes, “such as effects on (his) driver’s license and his path in life, especially DWI and even killing someone in a DWI.”

Couch reportedly was taught by his parents that there was no trouble that he couldn’t buy his way out of, and so far, that is the truth. Officer Spakes had arrested Ethan Couch before after another incident of drunk driving and public urination.

“I verbally got onto him trying to get him to see how badly he was messing up,” Spakeswrote in a report. “He has a hard time listening and has come from a family with wealth, and he appears to believe he’s privileged and entitled with no responsibility.”

The officer believes that it’s time for the judicial system to step in and take over for the failings of the Couch parents.

“I don’t think you’re bound by your genetics or even your environment,” said Kevin McConnell, whose teenage son Lucas was among those who were hurt. “I think Ethan Couch could find redemption.”

After the drunk driving incident that killed four people, Fred Couch, father of the affluenza teen, was also arrested, this time for impersonating a police officer, and pulling people over. He had previously been arrested for assault and drunk driving. Tonya Couch has also had issues with drunk driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and problems with pills.

The New York Post is alleging that the Couch parents are actually worse than their son, and he is responsible for the death and maiming of more than four people. Fred Couch has crimes going back into the 80s, which include shady business dealings and assault in the workplace, according to Dr, G. Dick Miller, who worked with the family, and came up with the “affluenza” defense.

“Three years later, Fred Couch punched a supervisor for a contractor that hired his company after the man told his workers to stop using an unsafe table saw, according to an arrest report. Couch drove off; he later received a few days in jail and two years’ probation for the assault.”

During that time, Tonya Couch was having her own troubles.

“Tonya Couch’s encounters with the law include a 2003 reckless driving case in which court records say she intentionally forced a motorist off the road. She pleaded guilty, was fined and got probation, records show.In early 2005, she lied about that charge on a form to renew her state nursing license. Regulators found out years later and took action. She failed to show for a 2012 disciplinary hearing and lost the vocational nursing license.”

So, as the public has figured out, the Couch parents are not exactly Ozzie and Harriet, but it’s likely time that the state of Texas stepped in and took charge or correcting Ethan Couch.

Do you think the parents are to blame for Ethan Couch’s criminal behavior?

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