Canadian Firm Invents Apple That Doesn’t Brown

An apple that doesn’t turn brown? It might sound like science fiction but that is exactly what one Canadian firm has managed to accomplish.

Known as the Arctic Apple the fruit was created by Okanagan Specialty Fruits and today marks the period of a 60-day public comment period in which the Apple will be tested by real people. US and Canadian regulators will determine after the public comment period if the apple should be allowed for sale.

While the company believes the non-browning Apple will be a winner among Apple fans other apple growers complain that the genetically engineered fruit will give apples a reputation as being “unnatural” even if they are not the non-browning apple variety in question.

Okanagan believes its new apple will revolutionize the apple industry by making the consumption of slices more appealing, for example at a party or business meeting apples can be cut into slices and put out for consumption without turning brown.

At this time apple growers are in desperate need for better apples as per capital consumption has dropped from 20 pounds per year in 1980 to 16 pounds per person in 2012.

While apple’s will not turn brown when they are fresh the apple’s engineers say they still turn brown when they have become rotten, ensuring that buyers don’t bite into a rotten product without realizing it.

In a survey of potential buyers 60% of American apple eaters say would be interested in the product. In Canada it’s a different story where 70% of people opposed the apple after discovering that the Arctic Apple was genetically engineered.

Arctic Apples would first be available in Golden Delicious and Granny Smith varieties.