South African Pensioner Takes To The Media To Prove He Is Not Cheating On His Younger Wife

When rumors of his alleged cheating started to affect his marriage, and his younger wife threatened to leave him, a South African pensioner took matters into his own hands.

The pensioner is struggling to convince his younger wife that he is not having an affair with another woman or cheating on her in any way. He’s now desperate to save his marriage and took to the media in an attempt to prove he is faithful.

Amien Ajam is 66 years old, and he has reportedly been married to 41-year-old Gabby Amien for over 12 years. Ajam insists that he has never cheated on her.

The South African pensioner visited the journalists at the Daily Voice in an effort to prove his faithfulness, asking them to publish an article calling on any woman who claims to have slept with him to come forward.

While Ajam keeps insisting to his wife he isn’t cheating on her, she doesn’t believe him, saying, “I’m not cheating with any woman. I’m here to prove it.”

“So if there’s any woman out there who says she’s jolling [cheating] with me she must come forward.”

According to Gabby, she finds it increasingly hard to trust her South African pensioner husband due to the amount of “evidence” she reckons she has uncovered.

She says: “He gets messages like ‘Visit me’ and ‘Come see me’ and even ‘Please call … your future wife.'”

On top of the text messages, she says Ajam used to receive phone calls during the night, and when she picks up the phone, all she hears is heavy breathing. According to Gabby, whenever they call back the numbers, there is no reply, or the phone simply goes straight to voicemail.

While Ajam has since gotten rid of the cell phone in an effort to have some peace around the marital home, the damage has already been done, and Gabby has had enough and wants to leave him.

South African pensioner
[Luckily Gabby hasn’t taken things this far – Image via Flickr by Harsh Agrawal/CC BY 2.0]
According to the South African pensioner, many people are jealous of his marriage to a younger woman, and he says they have been trying to break up their relationship over the years.

“I love my wife, I’ve never been in any other [illicit] relationship. Maybe it’s family or friends who are jealous of me.”

The South African pensioner said he went to the Daily Voice to prove that he’s not cheating, stressing, “I’m not a cheater.”

On Gabby’s side, she doesn’t believe that anyone would go to such extreme lengths to break up their marriage, and because of this, she really does think he has been cheating.

According to Gabby, this is now his last chance. She says she wants to know for certain whether her South African pensioner husband has been unfaithful to her, and that is why his photo must appear on the article in the Daily Voice.

Ajam, on the other hand, is hopeful that this last stand will finally convince his wife that he is not cheating on her and is a one-woman man. The South African pensioner is confident that no one will come forward and claim they are sleeping with him, and Ajam says that he only loves his wife.

The Daily Voice has provided an SMS code for anyone who claims they have been having an illicit affair with Ajam, saying they must text the word CHEATER to 32832. Whether anyone who still wants to get revenge against him will actually send messages saying they have messed around with the South African pensioner remains to be seen.

In the meantime, and as can be seen below, other women really go to extremes when they find their man has gone astray.

South African pensioner
[Image Cheated wife takes revenge via Flickr by Harsh Agrawal/CC BY 2.0]
Readers, would you go to similar extremes in an effort to prove you are faithful to your wife, husband or life partner? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Photo via Flickr by jEd dC/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

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