‘They Will Talk About This Day For Generations’ — Bernie Sanders Secures Half Of Iowa Delegates In First Presidential Caucus

“They will talk about this day for generations,” political pundits are saying as the results wrap up for the Iowa caucus and a tie between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is declared, according to The Independent.

“I am overwhelmed and I am moved by the fact that…we have received three and a half million individual contributions.”

Bernie Sanders spoke to his supporters about income equality and the need for a candidate to act on behalf of ordinary Americans — a president without ties to corporate America, and free from the obligations that are attached to superpac funding.

“So are you guys ready for a radical idea? We are going to create an economy that works for working families, not just for the billionaire class.”

Sanders spoke to his supporters after the tie was announced, smiling and laughing as the crowd broke into the “feel the bern” chant that has become one of his campaign trademarks.

“Was it rigged?” yelled one supporter, suggesting that the tie may have been fabricated by establishment candidate Clinton, and that perhaps Bernie had actually come out on top.

Sanders congratulated rival Hillary Clinton before going on to speak about his progressive policy stances. Sanders predicted that with the help of the American people, he would go on to do well in New Hampshire and in the other states.

“Thank you!” yelled rapt Sanders supporters as he spoke about the need to transform the country.

Sanders has drawn on contributions from millions of ordinary people to fund his campaign. He announced during his speech that the average contribution used to power the astounding Iowa success was just $27.

Just yesterday it was announced that the Sanders campaign had hit over 3 million individual contributions, as reported by Kicker.

“We do not represent the interests of the billionaire class, Wall Street or corporate America. We don’t want their money. And I am very proud to tell you we are the only candidate on the Democratic side without a Super PAC.

“The reason that we have done so well…is the American people are saying no to a rigged economy. They no longer want to see an economy in which the average American works longer hours for low wages while almost all new income and wealth is going to the top 1%.”

Vox reports that Sanders’ success should be a “wake up call” to the Democratic establishment. The editorial suggested that Democratic party elites have “gotten a little smug and out of touch over the past few years,” and also attributed Bernie’s success to the “heavy liberal tilt” of younger voters, in addition to sheer fatigue with what many people of all ages see as the corrupt American economic and political establishment.

“Working America bailed out Wall Street. Now it’s Wall Street’s turn to help out the middle class.”

Sanders spoke about the humble origins of his campaign, saying, “Iowa I thank you. Nine months when ago I came to this beautiful state, we had no political organisation, we had no money, we had no name recognition and we were taking on the most powerful political organization in the United State of America.”

He added, “Tonight, while the results are not fully in, we are in a virtual tie.”

As for the Republican race, Deadline is reporting that Donald Trump has “under-performed expectations.” Trump was expected to pull 31 percent of the vote. Instead, the outspoken real estate mogul gathered 24 percent. This put Trump barely ahead of Marco Rubio at 23 percent, and about 5,000 voters shy of Ted Cruz, at 28 percent.

CNN’s Jake Tapper remained positive, saying of Trump, “since he came out and declared his candidacy last summer…he has really only won!”

Will Bernie Sanders become president of the United States?

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