February 2, 2016
Lisa Vanderpump Calls Out Both Stassi Schroeder And Jax Taylor After Watching Latest 'Vanderpump Rules' Episode

Lisa Vanderpump is calling out both Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor. After the latest Vanderpump Rules episode aired on Monday night, Lisa posted on her blog to admit that she now, after watching the latest episode, feels that Stassi and Jax were insincere with their apologies to her.

The episode showed Stassi telling Kristen Doute that she was going to see Lisa to thank her for covering up a sex tape for her. The conversation turned to how Lisa had paid off one of Stassi's ex-boyfriends after he threatened to release a tape of her masturbating. The way Stassi told the story, Lisa paid off the ex without her asking and prior to letting her know about it.

Stassi explained that the day she moved to New York City to be with her new boyfriend, she heard that an ex-boyfriend, who wasn't Jax Taylor, was trying to sell a tape of her masturbating during a FaceTime session with him. Lisa then told her that the ex went to SUR and said that he wanted $900 to keep the sex tape private. Stassi exclaimed that he wasn't going to give him $900. Yet, Lisa shortly thereafter called her and said that she gave the ex $900. Stassi pointed out the ways Lisa handled the situation.

"She's like 'I took care of it.' And I'm like 'What?!' She's like 'We paid him $900 cash.' And I'm like 'So you gave him cash so there's no record of it and you didn't make him sign anything...'"
Stassi also said that Lisa may be placing too much importance on her good deed.
"Like Lisa, literally the way she talks about the whole sex tape thing, it's literally like I owe her my whole life. "
The existence of Stassi's sex tape came to light during the Season 3 reunion show. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Stassi reportedly mistakenly brought up her sex tape during the reunion show because she thought it would be edited out of the final cut.

In her blog, Lisa called out Stassi for not telling the whole story. According to Lisa, Stassi called her sobbing.

"Hold on a second, let's not get this twisted. Stassi called me sobbing. I went out on a limb to stop this tape from going public. I then, met the guy and paid him cash. And she wants me to get a contract? Really? We weren't in a lawyer's office! I was dealing with some scumbag, on the corner of some scummy street, giving him my hard earned cash. And that's how she repays me, saying that? That's Stassi Schroeder. Watching this episode, I finally realize how insincere she was when she came to sit down with me."
When Stassi did meet up with Lisa, she apologized for her past disrespectful behavior. Lisa said that it did hurt how much Stassi badmouthed her, her business and her staff. Lisa reminded Stassi that when she was 22-years-old and "didn't have a pot to p**s in," she took her in and gave her a chance. After a little bit more scolding, Stassi apologized and thanked Lisa for what she did regarding the sex tape. Lisa then revealed the ex in question worked at SUR when she pointed out to Stassi that she warned her the guy was "sleazy" the entire time and that's why she fired him.

Stassi apologized, again, for disrespecting Lisa. Stassi then offered Lisa $900. Lisa didn't accept the money, calling it an insult. Stassi then started to get a bit mad, asking Lisa what more she wanted from her. When Stassi got up from the table and exclaimed that Lisa hated her. Lisa replied that she's "not important enough to hate" and to sit back down.

In her interview, Stassi laughed off the suggestion that Lisa changed her life.
"She gave me a job, as a waitress [laughs]. I've served a few hundred crispy chickens in my time. Served some wine. What do I owe you again?"
Besides Stassi Schroeder's sit down with Lisa Vanderpump, the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules also showed Jax Taylor facing Lisa after getting arrested for stealing sunglasses during the group's vacation in Hawaii. Prior to meeting Lisa, Jax seemed to make light of his crime while at Hooters with Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval. His friends pointed out that Lisa wasn't going to be happy with him because his action reflects poorly on her brand and that what he did was a felony. Jax responded by saying that it's not like he did stole a car or robbed a bank.
"We were in Hawaii having fun. You do realize it's a pair of sunglasses. It's not a car. I didn't rob a bank."
Later in the episode, Jax met with Lisa at her home. Jax apologized for stealing. Lisa told Jax that she's not sure she can trust him.
"You always think you can take what's not yours. This is just your story going through life. You feel that you can sleep with somebody even if it's your best friend's girlfriends. You feel that you can walk into a shop and you can take something without paying for it. I mean, do you feel that you could just take something from me? Why am I different? I'm not."
Lisa then told Jax that he's suspended from SUR for a couple of weeks. How did Jax spend his suspension time? By doing a lot of partying.
"If you're suspended for two weeks, you're on vacation. F*** it, we're gonna go and have some fun."
As with Stassi Schroeder, Lisa Vanderpump, in her Vanderpump Rules blog, admitted that she's not so happy with Jax Taylor after watching the entire episode.
"This pisses me off watching this because there he goes, trying to minimize it. You should own it and realize the severity of the situation. I kind of believed Jax when he said he was repenting, when he was in front of me, but now I see the footage from before, when he's minimizing it, I'm not so happy about that."
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