Dog Wedding Sets World Record With $158K In Gifts To “Bride And Groom” [Video]

What do you bring to a dog wedding? Apparently if it’s anything like the over-the-top affair held in Manhattan this week, you bring more than $158,000 in gifts.

The dog wedding, held at Jumeirah Essex House Hotel at Central Park, brought in scores of guests to see bride Baby Hope Diamond get hitched to the groom, a poodle known as Chilly Pasternak.

The event was actually a fundraiser for the Humane Society of New York, ABC News reported, and required guests to buy tickets. After the wedding service ended, the new couple was presented a Guinness World Record for most expensive pet wedding–yes, that’s an actual category–at 158,187.26.

The “fairy-tale” dog wedding was said to cost nearly $250,000 and came after a campaign by Baby Hope Diamond’s owner after her Maltese, Lucky, was diagnosed with cancer. There was an online contest to find a new partners for Lucky, but when the dog passed away last month Baby Hope Diamond stepped in.

Lucky herself was a bit of a celebrity. She held a Guinness World Record for the animal most photographed with famous people–again, a real category. She had pictures with more than 300 celebrities, including Snoop Dogg and “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart.

Baby Hope Diamond stepped in undeterred. The dog bride was said to be “resplendent in her canine couture gown,” the Associated Press noted.

The dog wedding was a black-tie gala and included a celebrity wedding planner, a “lighting guru” who had worked gigs for major museums and highly touted chefs for the reception, the Associated Pres reported. There were even some animal guests who were treated to a pet food buffet.

The dog wedding was officiated by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, who took the time to poke fun at the participants.

“If these two dogs could talk, they would look around this room and what everyone has done for them,” Triumph said. “And they would say, this is insane! Seriously? We’re DOGS! You people are cuckoo.”

Triumph concluded the dog wedding by pronouncing the couple, “dog and bitch.”

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