Donald Trump Gallup Poll: Trump Named ‘Least Favorable’ Candidate Ahead Of Caucus

Poor Donald Trump. A Gallup poll shows that the presidential hopeful is actually the least favorable candidate in the race, despite his lead in other polls. According to UPI, Donald Trump isn’t doing so hot when it comes to likability, as many people don’t have the best view of the real estate mogul.

“Three out of five Americans — or 60 percent — have an unfavorable view of Trump in the latest two-week average of all of the candidates running in the 2016 presidential race. The percentage is the highest of all the candidates and the highest since Gallup began asking the question in 1992.”

The Donald Trump Gallup poll findings don’t necessarily mean that he is going to have a hard time gaining supporters. Trump has been leading polls ahead of Monday’s Iowa caucuses. According to CNN, Trump was ahead of other candidates from both parties in the hours leading up to the caucuses. It seems obvious that he’s going to be in this race until the very end, even if some people don’t find him very likable.

“Business executive Trump leads with 31% while Cruz has 24%, giving Trump a larger margin over the Texas senator than he had a week ago. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has 17% and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has 8%.”

Donald Trump Gallup Poll
Donald Trump and his wife, Melania ]Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Image]

The Donald Trump Gallup poll results clearly aren’t weighing on Trump’s lead in any way. He and Bernie Sanders seems to be exceeding expectations at the caucuses and that could be because both of these guys are “fresh” faces. Like either one of them or not, they are both saying things that people want to hear — and that’s what really matters.

“The size of the turnout tonight will likely be the key factor, especially on the Democratic side. High turnouts with lots of new caucus participants likely would mean a good night for Sen. Bernie Sanders, and for Donald Trump,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

If the Gallup poll’s outcome means that Donald Trump will have a hard time getting the GOP nomination, it’s something that he should start to worry about. However, Trump has built an empire based on his own beliefs and has never seemed to care what anyone thinks of him. While some may say his confidence is way too overbearing, others think that his attitude is exactly what America needs to be (wait for it) great again.

Donald Trump Gallup poll
Mr. and Mrs. Trump [Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images]
According to Newsmax, Donald Trump’s Gallup poll rating could cost him some crucial votes. However, one has to wonder who is actually participating in these polls. It seems that most of the republican front runners have a fairly low likability rating.

“The Gallup analysis also indicates that Jeb Bush’s image remains weak with GOP voters, with a 13-point favorability margin for the seven-day period, while Carly Fiorina has a 38-point favorability rating.”

So, who is scoring well in the Gallup poll? Dr. Ben Carson. While he may be losing traction in the race altogether, people really like the guy. Could this mean a go at Vice President? Maybe. Carson hasn’t shown much (if any) interest in being the President’s right hand man, but it might be beneficial for him, especially if he’d like to run for president in the future.

And while social media continues to analyze Donald Trump’s Gallup poll standings, others are looking forward to what’s to come. The man with a plan seems to need a plan at this point and he needs to start expressing how he’s going to do the things that he wants to do. This is something that is going to make or break him over the next few months.

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