Adele To Become A Movie Star?

Is Adele ready to the make the jump to movie star?

According to a new report by the Daily Star, Adele is now setting her sights on the big screen, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be ditching her insanely successful music career and making the big move to Hollywood.

The site is alleging that Adele is actually planning to film a concert movie when she heads out on the Adele Live 2016 tour at the end of this month, which the Daily Star is reporting will be pieced together with a behind-the-scenes documentary of Adele’s life for release on the silver screen.

“There is huge interest in a feature film of Adele’s tour. It would undoubtedly be a huge box office hit around the world,” an insider allegedly told the site of Adele’s plans to invite the cameras in to see her life on the road.

The source also confessed that Adele “has provisionally agreed” to having the cameras around to create a concert movie as she hits the road for the 105 currently scheduled shows around Europe and North America, but revealed that Adele’s private nature may get in the way of a camera crew filming any private behind-the-scenes moments.


“[Adele] is unsure whether she will be able to cope as the tour drags on,” the source told the site. “She is incredibly private and is already suffering with nerves ahead of going on the road. But at the same time, Adele is keen to document a part of her music legacy.”

“Adele is a worldwide phenomenon, so it’s obvious a movie release would be a massive money-spinner,” the insider continued of Adele’s big movie plans, which will allow millions of fans who weren’t lucky enough to get tickets to her much sought after 2016 shows to see her perform.

“Everyone is on board to make it happen,” the inside source told the Daily Star, “but at the end of the day it is all going to come down to Adele’s say-so.”

Rumors of Adele’s plans to bring her life and music to the big screen through a tour documentary come just months after tickets for Adele’s latest tour, her first since 2011, sold out around the world in mere minutes.

A spokesperson for Ticketmaster recently confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Adele had managed to sell more than 10 million tickets in less than 60 minutes when tickets for her North American string of shows went on sale in December, 2015.


“Over the course of the morning on-sales, Ticketmaster saw an all-time high of more than 10 million fans in queue for our total approximate allotment of just over 400,000 tickets,” the spokesperson told Entertainment Weekly of Adele’s insanely in-demand tour tickets. “In spite of the unprecedented demand for this amazing artist, Ticketmaster successfully sold through its allotment in less than an hour per date.”

But while many Adele fans were left empty handed when tickets sold out so quickly, Ticketmaster confirmed to the site last year that they were able to block several scalpers from buying Adele tickets in bulk to sell on to desperate fans. “In addition, our technology was able to detect and block in excess of 1 million computer automated bots, helping ensure that the tickets we sold ended up in the hands of real fans,” the spokesperson said.

As Inquisitr reported in December, tickets for Adele’s show are now selling for thousands of dollars on re-sale sites, while fans lucky enough to buy tickets in the initial sale are starting to post snaps of the unique ticket packaging on social media.

Adele fan @AdeleReports took to Twitter on February 1 to show off the unique ticket envelope, which reads “Welcome to your evening with Adele.”

Would you like to see and Adele movie hit the big screen?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]