Black History Month 2016 Kicks Off With Discussion On Why Stacey Dash Is Wrong

Stacey Dash has posted yet another blog about her thoughts on Black History Month, and in it, the Clueless actress claims that black people just aren’t hearing her. It’s pretty clear that everyone hears Stacey just fine. The problem is, not many people agree with her, not even Morgan Freeman, as she has claimed. Dash’s ramblings about Black History Month have left many of her critics really angry, and several have taken the time to break down exactly why Stacy Dash is wrong.

Let’s just preface first by saying that yes, things need to change. That said, change definitely does not start with the abolition of Black History Month. For some Americans, this is the only time each year that they learn about the African-American pioneers who are responsible for some of the greatest American achievements.

Dash is now making the argument that Black History Month can go away because black Americans should be celebrated every day. Now that is something many can agree with, but the sad truth is that it’s not happening, and getting rid of the one month that celebrates those achievements isn’t going to change that.

Texas rapper Bun B has reacted to Stacey Dash and even penned his own essay about it. Bun B definitely doesn’t agree with Stacey Dash about doing away with BET and the NAACP Awards, and he took special offense to the notion that we don’t need Black History Month. Bun B called Dash out on her criticism of BET, because the Fox News correspondent got her start by acting in many black films and even had a role on the BET hit The Game.

“Now the hypocrisy about saying she didn’t think BET was necessary after having been gainfully employed by them or that the NAACP award ceremony should be done away with after having hosted their Theatre Awards was one thing,” the Houston rapper explained. “Saying we didn’t need Black History Month was a whole other beast entirely.”

“She had the audacity to say that these institutions and their ceremonies, as well as Black History Month itself, contributed to the segregation of black people in modern times,” Bun B said of Stacey Dash.

Then, the rapper went on to talk about how Dash even tried to say that Morgan Freeman agreed with her. He pointed out that excerpts of a Freeman interview did make it sound like he agreed with Dash, but when the interview was played out in its entirety, it was pretty clear that Dash was cherry-picking and Morgan Freeman most certainly doesn’t hold her view on getting rid of Black History Month.

Stacey Dash blamed black people for holding each other back rather than acknowledge that plenty of discrimination and racism still exists. Apparently, she never reads the comments section on pretty much any human rights/civil rights related article. Just a glimpse at the hate language that fills the internet on behalf of the keyboard cowboys is enough to prove that racism is real and that we definitely still need Black History Month as a tool to educate everyone and celebrate the lives of many who otherwise might have been written out of history books.

To be fair, Stacey Dash does have a few supporters and even black entertainers have said they agree with at least some of what Dash has said. There are also plenty of people from all walks of life who are absolutely offended by what Stacey Dash has been saying about Black History Month, and they have made it clear that no matter how hard she wishes that the United States didn’t need to do more to erase racism and celebrate black people (and all the other minorities who are regularly ignored), we just aren’t there yet.

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