Howard Stern Guest And Friend ‘Crackhead Bob’ Dead

One of Howard Stern’s popular radio show guests, affectionately called “Crackhead Bob,” has died. Crackhead Bob, whose real name is George Harvey, was 56 at the time of his death. Bob appeared on the show for seven years during Stern’s early days on the radio and was one member of the Wack Pack.

The Wack Pack is made up of various guests, all who have at least something “wrong” with them but are all unique in their own way. They usually participate in funny bits and making prank phone calls.

According to Howard Stern’s website, which was the first to report the official announcement, Crackhead Bob began his stint on Howard Stern in the mid-90s before he took a leave of absence.

Crackhead Bob earned his name after he told Stern that he had smoked so much crack that it left the left side of his body paralyzed due to a series of strokes. His speech was also impaired, which led to some funny bits throughout the years.

When he was first brought up to Howard Stern’s studio in 1995, Howard Stern’s executive producer brought Crackhead Bob up to the studio because he thought he had cerebral palsy, but Bob explained that it was years of smoking crack. Stern then eventually figured out that his crack smoking days began when he was 25-years-old.

In a statement, Stern called Harvey, “a huge champion of our show.”

Due to his idiosyncrasies, George Harvey was an instant favorite for Stern’s listeners and became a main part of his bits throughout the years. From 1995 to 2001, Crackhead Bob appeared on the radio show. He announced after that he would need a break due to the massive exposure to alcohol and drugs now that he had struck fame with Stern.

At the time, he told Stern, “I had to do what I had to do for me, for a while.”

Bob eventually returned one last time to K-Rock for Howard’s last day. When Stern made the switch to Sirius Radio, Bob made a few appearances.

In a statement, Stern’s executive producer Gary Dell’Abate said, “I really liked him a lot. He talked about how bad and mean he was before the stroke, but I had a hard time believing that guy existed. He was really the nicest guy you ever met.”

Harvey isn’t the only personality from Stern’s show to have died recently. Johnny Fratto aka Eric the Actor and Riley Martin both passed away in a two-year timeframe.

Crackhead Bob even released a PSA on drugs for Drug-Free America.

Fans of the Howard Stern show have already started to send their condolences.

Presently, there are no details released on the cause of death or the exact date of when Harvey passed away.

Are you shocked by Crackhead Bob’s death?

[Photo by Roger Kisby/Getty Images]