‘The Gathering Of The Mimes’ Celebrates Mimes For Jesus With 250 People, Two-Day Event [Video]

250 students are meeting in Michigan on Friday, July 13 to mime for Jesus. The event is known as ‘The Gathering of The Mimes’ and its a two-day event in which a subset of miming is celebrated.

Gospel miming is a subset of miming in which a mime acts out gospel music in celebration of Jesus Christ.

The event features miming troupes from various churches around the country. For example there is event sponsors the Annointed-n-Christ Ministries and then there is popular gospel miming group is called the Silent Worshippers.

The oddest part about the entire event might be the fact that the groups all appear to promote their Myspace pages instead of Facebook or Twitter accounts. I guess Myspace is still good for something after all!

The theme for the event this year is “restored, redeem renew, access granted.”

The event includes workshops, choreography and showcases that culminate in a free public performance that will take place at the Chapel Life Church at 3100 Elmwood Street in Detroit, Michigan.

More information is available at RURunning.org

So what exactly is the organizations purpose? According to the groups website the mission is simple:

“To create a standard of excellence throughout the city of Detroit and worldwide by using the gift of arts as our tool. To empower our youth and young adults. To become leaders and to not only just run the race, but run to win.”

In case your curious to see the outfits worn here is a recent photo of the Annointed-n-Christ Ministries:

Annointed-n-Christ Ministries Mime For Jesus

Here’s a video of the Silent Worshippers performing, I would almost call it interpretive dance:

It is really easy to make fun of this event but ‘The Gathering of the Mimes’ has a following and plenty of well wishers including Twitter user @EvanToren: