Chris Soules Talks Family, Children, Becca Tilley, And Ben Higgins

Chris Soules is busy on his farm in Iowa these days. Despite trying to find love on The Bachelor, Soules had to walk away from the experience with a broken heart and with no lady on his arm. Whitney Bischoff did attempt to live on the farm to make it work, but something went wrong between them, and Chris has been working on his farm ever since. And he may have been shocked when he learned that Becca Tilley wanted to pursue Ben Higgins on the new season of The Bachelor.

According to a new tweet, Chris Soules is now reacting publicly to the news that Becca decided to go on the newest season of The Bachelor. And it sounds like he finds it just as awkward as many of the viewers.

“Anyone else wondering what Chris Soules must be thinking about Becca and Ben?? #TheBachelor,” one Bachelor viewer wrote on Twitter, tagging Chris in the tweet. He replied with, “It’s a little weird watching ur ex date one of ur buddies, but there’s a 1st time 4 everything! I wish them the best.”

Of course, Soules and Ben Higgins are buddies as he points out in his tweet. And surely, Ben may have talked to Chris before pursuing a relationship with Becca — just in case she showed up. But Chris doesn’t seem to mind too much. He politely avoided the comments that Becca made on The Bachelor when Ben asked her about her decision to come back.

“Yeah it’s very different. I care so much more at this point than I did last season,” Becca told Ben when he asked about her return, according to Buddy TV, adding, “I became so closed off to even letting Chris get to know me because if he got to know me then maybe he could hurt me. I feel like coming into it this time, it’s so worth the risk of that happening because I think the outcome could be something really, really great.”

It sounds like Becca is slamming Chris Soules a bit, hinting that her heart wasn’t in it the previous season, even though she stuck around until the proposal. Soules appeared very ready to propose to her, and one can imagine that he didn’t want to propose to her if he felt that she wasn’t invested in the relationship. Tilley quickly shut down any potential conversation at the final proposal and Soules ended up proposing to Whitney Bischoff.

When you’re single and don’t have kids, your nieces become your kids

— Chris Soules (@souleschris) January 31, 2016

Since then, Chris Soules has tried to get back into the groove of being a farmer in Iowa, and it sounds like many people adore him for his efforts in his state. Plus, Soules is thrilled to be living close to his family members and his nieces. Over the past couple of weeks, he’s posted many pictures of his nieces and he pointed out that his nieces are like his own children, since he doesn’t have any.

“When you’re single and don’t have kids, your nieces become your kids,” Chris recently revealed on social media according to Buddy TV, hinting that he is ready to start his own family with a new woman, adding later, “Yep. I’m looking for love again.”

But this time he won’t be using The Bachelor or Chris Harrison to find love, according to Buddy TV. In fact, it sounds like Soules is open to whatever comes his way. But Harrison did have a suggestion for him, which he shared on Twitter.

“I recommend being flexible on the whole ‘move to Iowa’ thing this time around!”

What do you think of Chris Soules being ready for love again? Would you move to Iowa to be with him? And do you think Becca Tilley should have shown more respect to Chris when she told Ben Higgins about her experiences on The Bachelor?

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