Leah Messer Loves Being A Single Mother: ‘I Wouldn’t Change It For The World’

Teen Mom star Leah Messer is a very private person, and she rarely shares things on social media. She tends to respect her MTV contract and keeps her personal life away from the online world to the best of her ability. Leah’s fans have to wait for the new season of Teen Mom to catch up with her and her children. And while there are many speculations about her life and her relationships, it sounds like Messer is now setting the record straight herself in a series of tweets.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Leah Messer is now revealing that she loves being a single mother. Leah recently won back custody of her twin daughters, which means that she is now living with her three daughters several days a week. And based on her tweets, it sounds like she loves being there for her daughters.

“There is nothing like being a single mom of 3. Just me, my girls, and our cats lol.. I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Leah Messer revealed on Twitter over the weekend after being snowed in last week. She also shared a picture of her youngest daughter, Adalynn, who is clearly growing up very fast behind the cameras.

“She done better than her big sisters! She got all her x-Rays & no cavities. My baby is growin up! #bittersweet,” Leah revealed, while sharing a photo of her youngest at the dentist doing great.

At present time, Leah Messer shares custody of the twins with her ex-husband, Corey Simms. Corey had taken Leah to court to gain more custody of the girls, as they were skipping school and missing important appointments. After he gained custody back in October of last year, it was proven that some of the school records that had been used in court were false. Last week, Messer won back partial custody, which means she has them half the week and Corey has them the other half. In Touch reveals that Messer is thrilled with the outcome of the court case, as she is no longer seen as the horrible mother the tabloids made her out to be.

He is also the father to young Remi — a daughter he recently had with wife, Miranda Patterson. The two married after his divorce from Leah Messer. Leah herself remarried Jeremy Calvert and had a third daughter, Adalynn. But after a few years of marriage, Jeremy felt that Leah was changing. This was during her supposed drug-use period, where she went to rehab to “find herself” again. But Calvert didn’t wait around for her, and these days, the divorced couple share custody of Adalynn.

“Someone just called dibs, my last post on twitter will be on Wednesday leaving twitter & social media behind me!!! Who needs it,” Jeremy revealed on Twitter last week, following that post up with, “few more days and my baby turns 3, it don’t seem real that shes almost 3, ol dads getting old,” a few days later.

Jeremy was never really interested in Leah Messer’s public life, and he may not have an interest in filming Teen Mom now that they are divorced. No word on how they share custody, but it seems like they can make it work based on mutual agreements. Messer hasn’t talked about custody, but it is possible that she will share her situation on the upcoming season of Teen Mom. MTV is supposedly very busy filming the new season, so fans can expect the show to return later this year.

What do you think of Leah Messer enjoying motherhood these days? Do you think she should stay single for a while and enjoy her children?

[Image via Instagram]