Supporters Of Pro-rape, Anti-woman, ‘Neomasculinist’ Plan Worldwide Meet Ups To Have ‘Safe Space’

Members of a “neomasculinist” online group who are also firm believers that rape should be legalized under specific circumstances, such as on private property, are organizing the very first real life meet up across 44 locations worldwide on Saturday, February 6. The group, which also advocates that women are biologically designed to follow men’s orders, is being organized for the international meet up by U.S.-based “neomasculinist” and self styled pick-up artist Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh.

Countries such as Sydney, Perth and Scotland are all set to have locations that the men will meet at in order to get to know other like minded men and find a “safe space.” Valizadeh has apparently stated that women, homosexual men and transgender men are not invited, and any women who attempt to disrupt the meeting will be filmed and the footage sent to his worldwide “anti-feminist” network and they will “exact furious retribution.” In 2012 Valizadeh’s established a news website called Return of Kings (ROK), and is now using it to publicize the upcoming meetings.

The Age states that a petition has already started to block the legal rape advocate from entering Australia.

The international face-to-face meetings are being organized by Valizadeh for his supporters as he thinks it is time that they send a signal to the world.

“Our views are becoming known enough that we can ‘come out’ of the shadows and not have to hide behind a computer screen for fear of retaliation. Let the sixth of February be a clear signal to all that we’re not going anywhere. We have finally arrived.”

Daryush Valizadeh, has self-published 15 books in which he claims to advise men on how best to “pick up women,” but which are full of disturbing tales of how the man has lured drunken young women into having sex with him. The National Scot reported that according to a recent BBC study, over a million people use the Return of Kings website, suggesting the rhetoric Valizadeh spews that feminism is making men weak has found quite a global audience. The neomasculinist, pro-rape site also has forums on the website which include user submitted guides on the best places to sexually assault women in areas like Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland.

The site also reveals that the tenets of Return of Kings are that a woman has limited value to society and should have limitations placed upon their choices in life, especially as it relates to mates since “a woman’s value significantly depends on her fertility and beauty.” Contributors of ROK articles, and Valizadeh himself, have written articles which purport that in addition to their belief that rape should be legal on private property because once a woman agrees to enter a man’s house she has consented to sex, women should also not be allowed to vote and a transgender woman who sleeps with a heterosexual male, is a rapist.

Each meeting place for the “neomasculinist” will have group coordinators who will lead the participants from the public venue to an unknown meeting place once they have identified themselves as supporters by asking other men in the areas, “Where is the nearest pet shop?” and receiving the correct response, “The pet shop is here.”

According to the Sydney Morning Herald Valizadeh has claimed that the pro-rape group does not advocate violence but has encouraged his followers to “seduce and f***” feminist activists and posted the profiles of potential targets to the online forum. He also tweeted that at a White Supremacist conference he attended, the Neo-Nazis “love” him.

Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh and his followers are a part of a widespread problem in society that has men viewing women as objects to be assaulted and harassed, but that both the police and wider society need to shift their blame to the perpetrators of these violent crimes, not the victims.

[Photo Courtesy of Valizadeh Twitter]