Doctor Who Injected Himself With Charlie Sheen’s HIV-Positive Blood Says He’s ‘Cured Countries’ Of AIDS With Goat Milk

Charlie Sheen’s controversial doctor Samir Chachoua says he has “cured countries” of HIV/AIDS using a special arthritic goat milk treatment. The doctor is so confident in his HIV cure that he injected himself with Sheen’s HIV-positive blood as proof that his cure works. During an interview with Real Time with Bill Maher, the doctor says his treatment “destroys HIV and protects people for life.”

The Daily Mail reports that Dr. Samir Chachoua made bold claims on Real Time with Bill Maher when he noted that he had “cured countries” of HIV/AIDS with a treatment made from the milk of arthritic goats. The doctor, who is not licensed to practice in the United States, claims that it was his goat milk treatment that made Sheen’s HIV count “undetectable” and not the cocktail of drugs he received from mainstream doctors. In fact, Chachoua says he has “cured countries” of HIV/ AIDS epidemics with his goat milk treatment. In fact, Chachoua says he is responsible for eradicating HIV and chikungunya in Comoros.

“Chachoua went onto announce he had eradicated HIV and another virus called chikungunya in Comoros, an island nation off the eastern coast of Africa, in 2006. “

The controversial doctor says that his goat milk treatment “destroys HIV” and is capable of protecting his patients “for life.” However, Chachoua provides no studies or evidence of the goat milk treatment’s success other than his word and provided no evidence of the eradication of HIV in Comoros. Despite his lack of proof, the doctor says he is confident in his treatment, so confident that the doctor famously injected himself with Sheen’s HIV-positive blood, noting that he did not fear the HIV because of the goat milk treatment.

Chachoua told Bill Maher that when Charlie Sheen was on his HIV drug cocktail from US doctors he experienced a whole host of side effects, such as migraines and “poo poo pants.” However, when he went on Chachoua’s treatment, all of the symptoms went away. Though the eccentric doctor claims he “cured” Sheen, the actor notable informed Dr. Oz following his HIV announcement that he had tried experimental natural treatments in Mexico but that his HIV count had become detectable following the natural remedies.

“I’ve been off my meds about a week now. I feel great. Am I risking my life? So what? I was born dead. That part of it doesn’t phase me at all. I didn’t see it as Russian roulette. I didn’t see it as a complete dismissal of the conventional course we’ve been on. I’m not recommending that anyone – I’m presenting myself as a type of guinea pig. I had been non-detectable, non-detectable and checking the blood every week and then found out the numbers are back up. I’m amazed that I am actually alive.”

Following the revelation that Sheen’s HIV count was back up, both Dr. Oz and Sheen’s American doctor Robert Huizenga criticized Chachoua’s treatment, noting that the “doctor” was not licensed to practice in the United States, and both feel that Sheen should seek treatments within the United States.

What do you think of Samir Chachoua’s claims that he has “cured countries” of HIV/ AIDS? What about the eccentric doctor’s attempt to garner credit for his controversial goat milk HIV treatment by injecting himself with Charlie Sheen’s HIV-positive blood?

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/AP Photo]