'General Hospital' Spoilers: Julian Reveals Feelings For Kim, Alexis Admits She Misses Her Ex

"Julexis" fans weren't too happy watching General Hospital on Thursday. They were hoping that a reunion would be happening sometime soon now that Julian broke up with Kim. However, it sure doesn't look like it is leaning that way, at least not for a while longer.

Thursday's episode brought out some true feelings from both Julian and Alexis, but not to each other. General Hospital spoilers coming from SheKnows Soaps had teased that Alexis would be joining Kristina at the Dawn of Day house and Julian would be clearing the air. They both did just that. Some may have thought that Julian would have cleared the air with his ex-wife. However, he went to see Kim instead.

Thanks to his sister, Ava, who got quite upset with him after learning that her brother abandoned Kim when she needed him the most, bashed him hard. She told him he was wrong for doing that and she left abruptly. Julian then decided that he would go tell Kim the entire truth on why he broke up with her. He then said those three little words that made "Julexis" fans cringe. He told Kim that he loved her.

At the same time, Alexis was reluctantly having a session with Shiloh and Kristina. She was forced to admit that she missed the passion and the love she had with Julian. She was obviously rattled and regretted saying anything.

More General Hospital spoilers have indicated that one of the ladies in Port Charles will be torn between two men. While Soap Central could be talking about Willow Tait's love triangle with Chase and Michael, the spoilers could very well be all about Kim. She has been spending a lot more time with Drew since her break up with Julian. They are getting closer, but now she will have to reconsider what Julian just told her. What will she do now?

Alexis has not fully dealt with her strong feelings for Julian. Now that she revealed them to Kristina, it's possible that she will give hints to her boss about her mom. Now Shiloh also knows how Alexis feels. He could very well use that to his advantage one of these days.

There are a few fans who have actually expressed on social media that there was some chemistry between Shiloh and Alexis when they met for the first time a few days ago. However, Sam is about to do her best to get close to the Dawn of Day leader to see exactly what he is up to. That will make Kristina a bit jealous.

It's all about the Davis girls when it comes to this Shiloh character. They seem to be drawn into his world all of a sudden. His real intentions will be revealed on General Hospital soon enough.