Kailyn Lowry, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star, Flaunts Plastic Surgery Amid Jenelle Evans Feud & Hospital Medical Drama

Kailyn Lowry, one of the stars of Teen Mom 2, isn’t shy about her decision to have plastic surgery in the form of a mommy makeover (a tummy tuck and lift). Flaunting her new figure, Kailyn headed to Instagram to post a pic of herself with Dr. Michael Salzhauer (also known as Dr. Miami), reported She Knows.

“Dr. Miami y’all! @therealdrmiami@drmiamilan,” wrote Lowry for the caption.

Dr. Miami y'all! @therealdrmiami @drmiamiland

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Kailyn recently engaged in a highly publicized feud with another star of Teen Mom, Jenelle Evans. The feud was caused by remarks that Jenelle made about plastic surgery, which Lowry felt constituted a slam at her.

But Kailyn also got slammed by some for turning to social media to provide her surgeon with a promo, while other fans contended that it is “lazy” to have plastic surgery.

“If only Dr. MIAMI would actually help us ‘normal’ people for free. #csectionscarstillopenafter23years#realwomenissues #workingpoor,” complained one follower.

“She will gain it all back she is lazy,” declared another.

And one person felt that while Kailyn was inspiring when she was exercising and shedding pounds, having cosmetic surgery backfired.

“She got a tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift and neck lipo. I never thought she would get plastic surgery to feel better about herself. She was an inspiration when she was working out and losing weight,” opined the follower.

Details On ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Feud

The feud between Jenelle and Lowry occurred on Twitter, reported UPI.

Evans made remarks about what Kailyn had chosen.

“When your cast mates subtly throw shade at you. It’s cool though,” tweeted Lowry.

“Sometimes you just have to block people in life that you once believed to be your friend,” retorted Evans. “I’ve always been the black sheep of the group, it’s all good. I’m use to it now.”

Jenelle Evans is in a social media feud. [Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for GBK Productions]

Jenelle had noted that she had opted against having a plastic surgery procedure that would shave down her chin during an Us Weekly interview. She also emphasized that it wasn’t her own choice.

“She looks great, and I’m happy for [her],” insisted Evans about Kailyn. “Whatever makes her happy. That’s her choice. It’s just not mine. It’s her decision. It’s her body. No one can tell her what to do.”

Despite reports that Lowry had butt implants, Kailyn insisted that she only had a butt lift and tummy tuck.

“Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. So I might as well do what I want,” she shared on social media.

The procedures won support from Lowry’s husband Javi Marroquin. The couple have been married since 2013. Jenelle has a little boy Jace, who is 6, while Kailyn has two sons, Isaac who is 6 and Lincoln who is 2. Both starred on the second season of 16 & Pregnant prior to Teen Mom 2.

Concern For Jenelle Evans After Hospital Medical Drama

Amid the feud over plastic surgery, Evans was hospitalized, a source told Radar Online.

“Jenelle is in the hospital right now and has been in and out all week. She doesn’t know what’s wrong,” said the source.

Jenelle Evans is suffering mysterious symptoms.
Jenelle Evans is suffering mysterious symptoms. [Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Evans has been experiencing major drama recently. There’s a court date coming up as well as a warrant for her arrest of her child’s father. And all that stress as well as other medical concerns caused Jenelle to head to the hospital, according to the insider.

“She said she was too stressed. She went to the hospital for anxiety. Her nerves are all messed up in her body and she has restless leg syndrome and can hardly walk. She has shortness of breath and loss of coordination and balancing when walking. She’s having hot flashes like insane and overload in ever sense of her body. She feels like she has arthritis in her knees.”

The hospital told Jenelle that all those problems were related to anxiety after performing blood tests, added the source. But Evans informed them that they were incorrect, ordering them to test her thyroid.

“They refused and discharged her and sent her home,” revealed the insider.

Jenelle feels that part of the anxiety she’s experiencing is her ex Nathan Griffith’s fault. Although her upcoming mid-February court date results from her August arrest following a battle with Nathan’s girlfriend, the stress is caused by Griffith, the source alleged.

“The anxiety was all from Nathan’s stunt,” insisted the insider.

That “stunt” is a reference to Jenelle’s claim that Nathan stole her auto. A warrant is out for his arrest. And all of that drama adds up to serious stress, with Evans’ health problems still existing.

“They are testing everything now,” noted the source.

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