Coolio gets 18 months in Rehab for Felony Coke Posession – No Jail Time

Rapper Coolio, who was arrested at LAX in March for felony cocaine posession, was sentenced to 18 months in rehab in lieu of jail time in a plea deal struck Friday in an L.A. court.

Coolio was arrested back on March 6th at LAX after he grabbed a baggage screener’s arm to prevent her from searching his luggage. He was subsequently arrested for battery for grabbing the screener’s arm and when searched, he had in his posession a ‘smoking device’ (read: crack pipe) and cocaine was found in his luggage.

The 45 year old rapper, whose real name is Artis Leon Ivey, entered his plea Friday in L.A. Superior Court. As part of a plea deal, the charges of battery and posession of a smoking device were dropped. The judge then sentenced him to 18 months in a rehab center in lieu of jail time for the coke posession charge.

He must also appear in court periodically for the judge to review his progress. His first appearance will be on September 28. After the 18 months in rehab, if the judge is satisfied with his progress, the charges against him will be dropped.