Taryn Manning Reportedly Has Wild History With Woman She’s Accused Of Attacking

Taryn Manning was recently accused of attacking her makeup artist, Holly Hartman, in a violent incident that led to Hartman filing for a restraining order against the Orange Is The New Black star. However, a Los Angeles judge has dismissed her request due to the fact that the assaults allegedly took place in New York, and the two women actually have a history: Manning accused Hartman of stalking her at one time.

Hartman claims Manning “put her in a headlock, headbutted her in the face, whipped her with a wet towel and sprayed Windex in her eyes and mouth” over several incidents and that she allegedly said, “Pick a knife. I’m wearing a white shirt; there will be a lot of blood. You will be famous for killing Taryn Manning.”

However, Taryn Manning’s attorney says the actress hasn’t had any contact with Hartman in months due to their volatile history–which includes an argument in 2012 that ended in Manning being arrested for assault and strangulation–and that Hartman is being investigated for an array of crimes, including stalking Manning. The actress recently took to Twitter to vent about the incidents, seemingly saying that Hartman was seeking attention in an attempt to be “famous.”

It’s always settling when you find out your friend aided in your convicted stalker all the while sleeping with your man. So I walked away.

— tarynmanning (@TarynManning) January 29, 2016

A source told Page Six that Manning has had a problem with allowing people into her life who take advantage of her nature.

“Taryn has had this situation with other ‘friends’ in the past. She tends to surround herself with the wrong people. She is such a fun-loving, friendly, giving girl and I think hangers-on take advantage. Somehow she doesn’t see it coming until it’s too late,” the source said.

Indeed, Manning has had similar issues with a woman named Jeanine Heller, a former friend who claimed in 2014 that Taryn made violent threats against her. Manning was granted an order of protection from the woman, however, who reportedly stalked her. An attorney for the actress, Stacey Richman, said at the time that the fact that the DA refused to press any charges against Manning was proof that she was in fact the victim in the situation.

“Ms. Manning is a law abiding person who has respect for the law and the privilege of her profession. The fact that there are no criminal charges against Ms. Manning with regard to the purported allegations against her is a clear demonstration of her innocence,” Richman said.

Taryn Manning herself spoke out in 2014, saying that she had done nothing wrong.

“There are no charges against me… This is just further harassment. It is troubling that the system can be used to abuse the actual victim,” she wrote on Twitter. She added in a separate post, “I love my life everyday, happy and grateful to be alive. I have a very busy life and very little time for friends or to even see my family. I do not have time to harass or hurt anyone when I barely have time to take a shower some days…Reconsider before you believe anything you read. I’ve chosen the high road. You can only choose the high road with full confidence when you know you are innocent.”

Despite her legal troubles, Taryn is enjoying success with her co-stars. The entire group was on hand at Saturday night’s SAG Awards, where Orange Is The New Black won for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. Star Laura Prepon received praise when she took the stage to accept the award and drew attention to the incredible amount of diversity the show offers.

“Look at this stage. This is what we talk about when we talk about diversity. Different race, color, creed, sexual orientation,” Prepon said.

Yes! #sagawards #netflix #lionsgate #2016 #win

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