Rita Ora Shows A Total Lack Of Class With Attention Seeking Stunt

So, Rita Ora took off her clothes to appear in a French magazine. Ora is an attractive 25-year-old and is undoubtedly in great shape, and of course, everyone likes to see a beautiful human form, be it male or female. The Express reports that Rita posed topless for French magazine Lui, but “the singer has taken things one-step further and stripped completely naked for flesh-flashing pictures published inside the magazine.” The question that must be asked is just why Ora, a moderately successful singer and actress, feels that she must take off her clothes to be recognized.

Of course, some of the tabloids are titillated by the fact that Ora stripped for a photoshoot. The Daily Mail describes Ora’s photographs as “sizzling snaps” and informs us that the “steamy Terry Richardson photoshoot shows” Ora playing the piano naked except for a pair of Adidas tennis shoes. The Mail sexualises the snaps still further by describing Rita as “throwing her head back in ecstasy.”

It is pretty sad to see that Ora has to take off her clothes in a vain attempt to get noticed at a time when many female artists are fighting against gender bias in the music industry. Many will see Ora’s actions as a direct contradiction of the efforts of artists like Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding, who have continuously fought a battle to have female artists recognized for their art and not for their sexuality.

You have to wonder why Ora is prepared to expose herself to stories, such as that in the Mail, that claim “Rita flaunts her pert posterior in a skimpy tasseled black thong, as she seductively squats against a door.”

The Telegraph is damning in its criticism of Ora when they write that “Rita Ora’s topless photos are a slap in the face for women everywhere.” The Telegraph raises a great point when it talks about Ora’s decision to pose naked, and they use fellow female artists Madonna and Miley Cyrus to illustrate their point that posing naked is totally fine if there is a point to it.

“Madonna’s breasts are a statement about the way that we view women and the aging process. Miley Cyrus’s breasts are a comment on the dissolution of childhood.”

Ora it is claimed had no reason to pose nude other than to draw attention to herself and to sell a few more copies of her new single. Ora’s actions are not drawing attention to a cause they are a selfish cry for attention.

Almost unbelievably, the Sun, the newspaper that introduced the topless “page 3” model to U.K. tabloids, is fierce in its criticism of Ora as they ask the simple question — why?

“Why would an internationally successful singer with a part-time job on one of telly’s biggest shows team up with controversial photographer Terry Richardson to showcase her boobs to the world?”

The reason for Ora’s decision to bare all may be down to the fact that he music career is on the fast-track to nowhere. Rita has released just a single album in her seven years signed to rapper Jay Z’s Roc Nation record label. Ora has a five-album contract with Roc Nation, and recently commenced legal proceedings against the label.

Ora claims that Roc Nation have effectively abandoned her and her contract stops her from releasing new music elsewhere. There have been suggestions that Ora’s beef with Rihanna may be one of the reasons behind Rita’s failure to release new music.

One thing seems pretty clear. Ora understands that a gap of five-years between albums makes it incredibly difficult to score success in the music business. Many of Ora’s fans have grown-up, moved on, or lost interest. It seems that Rita Ora believes that taking her clothes off is the best way to revive that interest.

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