Bryan Cranston Cries Over His Cameo Role On ‘Baywatch’

Bryan Cranston, better known as Walter White of Breaking Bad fame, recently laughed himself to tears over a cameo role he once had on the show, Baywatch. According to People Magazine, one of the actor’s first roles was on Baywatch, and he couldn’t help but laugh himself to tears remembering it.

Cranston joked about the role, “Wow. I don’t understand how that could have been overlooked for the Emmy or the SAG awards.”

In the cameo, the much younger Cranston plays a lifeguard, and he recently shared his secret to perfecting the role.

“The scene on the boat, no, I believe my secret for that character was that he had diarrhea. I was on real water and I was seasick. Thanks for digging that up,” Cranston quipped.

The actor has come a long way from his Baywatch days. During his tenure as Walter White on Breaking Bad, Cranston earned four Emmys for Lead Actor in a Drama Series. But the wildly successful Breaking Bad was both the icing on the cake and a beginning of things to come for his already successful career as an actor.

Unlike many people who become famous for a role in a specific TV show or movie, Cranston seems to have escaped Breaking Bad’s success to move onto other acting roles seamlessly. Could he have his Baywatch cameo to thank for his long and successful acting career? Doubtful, but at any rate, for those who still want to see it, Cranston’s role as a lifeguard in the Baywatch video clip can be seen here in all its glory.