Hope Solo Spills The Drunk, Sexy Beans About Olympic Parties

You spent four years training. You just won a gold medal. And now, you party. Hope Solo spilled the drunk, sexy beans about how her team celebrated after winning the Gold Medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Hope Solo, who appears in this year’s issue of ESPN’s Body Issue, told the magazine a few interesting stories about the 2008 Olympics. Solo said that she brought a celebrity back to her room one night, partied with Vince Vaughn, and went on the “Today” show after zero sleep and a night of drinking.

Solo said:

“When we were done partying, we got out of our nice dresses, got back into our stadium coats and, at 7 a.m., with no sleep, went on the Today Show drunk. Needless to say, we looked like hell!”

ESPN reports that Olympic Village turns into a 24/7 orgy during the Olympics. An anonymous British athlete recently published a book called “The Secret Olympics” about Olympians partaking in drugs, alcohol, and sex during the Olympics, and Hope Solo seems to confirm the author’s claims.

Solo said:

“I’ve seen people having sex right out in the open… On the grass, between buildings, people are getting down and dirty.”

The Business Insider gives a run-down of the 15 craziest incidents from ESPN’s story.

Here are some of the claims made by ESPN:

  • At the 2000 Olympics, javelin competitor Breaux Greer had sex with at least three women a day.
  • Organizers of the Olympics hand out condoms to athletes at Olympic Village. In 2000, the organizers had to supply additional condoms after the original supply of 70,000 condoms ran out.
  • Nearly all of the athletes are drunk during the closing ceremonies.

Are you surprised that Olympic athletes are out partying in the Olympic Village?