Married Florida Attorney, Jessica Mishali, Banned From Jails After Sex With Murderous Inmate

Thirty-five-year-old married Florida attorney Jessica Mishali — whose married name is David — has been banned from all five jails in Broward County after she was caught having sex with her male client, an attempted murderer, police said. According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, a jail deputy saw her and Ysreal Granda engaged in sexual intercourse inside an attorney interview room. The New York Daily News posted a portion of the report from the sheriff’s office explaining what happened when the deputy walked into the room during a security check.

“I observed inmate Granda standing behind Mrs. David, who was bent over at the waist with her skirt raised to her waist area,” the report said. “The front part of Granda’s body was pressed firmly against Mrs. David’s buttocks area with one of his hands holding Mrs. David at the upper part of her back and his other hand holding Mrs. David at the lower part of her back.”

The report continued, “Mrs. David appeared to be looking toward the floor. Because of their close proximity, I did not observe exposed sexual organs.”

Granda quickly took a seat and Mishali stood upright when the guard entered the room, “causing her skirt to fall back into position,” the report said. While lawyers for Mishali deny they were having sex, Sun-Sentinel reports that a memo with Jessica’s photo was posted at all jail scanners, stating: “Jessica Mishali David is prohibited from entering any Broward Sheriff’s Office facility or onto any BSO property for any reason either personal or professional until further notice.”

Attorneys Tarlika Navarro and Fred Haddad are prepared to defend Mishali, and Navarro told the Daily News, “the problem is that they’re banning her from all jails, depriving her clients of their Sixth Amendment rights to counsel.”

“Fred and I are currently investigating the false allegations, believing there’s some ulterior motive from the Broward Sheriff’s Office,” Navarro said, declining to elaborate on the ulterior motive.

“What possible criminal charge could there be?” said Haddad.

Twenty-six-year-old Ysreal Granda was being held inside the county’s main jail on four felony charges after an earlier felony conviction, including two counts of attempted murder. Prosecutors asked for an emergency hearing last week to determine how to proceed with his current case. Another hearing could take place on Monday.

“We did consult with the State Attorney’s Office and it does not appear that a criminal act occurred,” said Veda Coleman-Wright, a spokeswoman for the Broward Sheriff’s Office, which runs the jails. “It’s two consenting adults. Detention deputies, they’re in a position of authority and supervision, so the case would be very different if the inmate was having intimate relations with a detention deputy.”

Mishali had no prior disciplinary history prior to the alleged sexual tryst with Granada. She is a member of the Florida State Bar in good standing, state bar spokeswoman Karen Kirksey told the Daily News. She was employed by the Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel up until January 4 when she was fired for “misconduct in the performance of her duties,” according to a document in her personnel file.

“I have to see all the pieces,” attorney Haddad said. “My client is a respected member of the Bar. These things have to be examined.”

“Absolutely nothing was happening,” Navarro, said. “They have a right under the 6th amendment and they are being denied that right.”

Attorney and courthouse blogger Bill Gelin, who has worked alongside Mishali, says he not at all surprised by the allegations, because Jessica was accused of a similar incident at another jail.

“In the courthouse it’s been talked about for weeks because of an incident that happened at another jail and she was terminated at conflict counsel where she was working,” said Gelin.

Jessica Mishali may not be facing criminal charges, for now, but the state bar has opened an investigation into the allegations. The Florida Supreme Court will decide her punishment if the Bar finds she violated certain ethics policies.

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