50 Cent Fuels Meek Mill Feud — Rapper Prompts New York Crowd To Chant ‘F**K Meek Mill’

50 Cent isn’t letting Meek Mill off the hook and honestly, no one thought he would back down. 50 Cent previously kept his Meek feud on social media, taking constant shots at the rapper he dubbed “s**thead” on Instagram. Now 50 has taken their fight to the stage, and during a Friday night concert in New York City, 50 Cent got the crowd to start chanting “F**k Meek Mill!”

50 Cent took the stage in NYC and started talking about his feud with Meek. 50 first referenced Meek’s huge feud fail with Drake. The Philadelphia rapper was crushed by Drake after first taking shots by claiming that Drake wasn’t doing enough to promote their song together, “R.I.C.O.” It was just after Meek claimed Drake had to hire others to write for him that the Toronto rapper shot back with two diss tracks in a row, including the Grammy-nominated “Back To Back.” Then Drake sealed his feud win over Meek Mill with a slideshow highlighting all the Mill diss memes that sprung up as the two rappers feuded on social media, in diss tracks, and on stage.

Meek Mill never gave up and is still trying to win the feud with Drake. Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend has also set his sights on 50 Cent. In a gutsy move, Nicki’s man opted to have feuds rolling in both directions and it seems that might not have been a great idea. 50 Cent has been even more relentless than Drake and has slaughtered Meek Mill on Instagram.

As if that wasn’t enough, 50 Cent decided to take his beef to the streets and talked to the NYC crowd about this issue with the rapper on Rick Ross’ label. According to Vibe, 50 Cent told the hyped-up audience, “See this is the s**t Drake did to him,” 50 continued, “From now on, no more competition with n****s that didn’t sell over one million records […] All you can do is run to Nicki. This how you know a n***a p*ssy: if a crazy n***a at the door, banging on the door, and the n***a send his b***h first.”

The whole feud with 50 Cent is entirely Meek Mill’s fault. When Meek released his 4/4 EP, the rapper included a song called “Gave Em Hope.” On that track, Meek said about 50 Cent, “I got fifty reasons say you’re taking d**k/And it’s fifty reasons I should kill, n***a,” followed by “You tried to go ‘Money’ May with that paper/but now you in debt ’cause you never was that.” Some advice to Meek Mill would be that he plan ahead and have a response for someone like 50 Cent after taking the first shots.

Meek definitely wasn’t ready for 50, who responded to the mediocre attempt at a smackdown by dragging Minaj’s man on Instagram. 50 Cent posted meme after meme making fun of Meek Mill, and now if 50 refers to anyone as “s**thead,” everyone knows he’s talking about Meek.

Nicki Minaj has remained silent during Meek’s feud with 50 Cent much like she did when he was sparring with Drake. It seems that Minaj doesn’t want to get wrapped up in Meek’s constant hip hop feuds and is working hard on production of her upcoming series on the Freeform network (formerly known as ABC Family.) Should Nicki speak up and defend her man against 50 Cent? Minaj has no loyalty to 50, and in all fairness, he has brought her name into the fight numerous times. Most notably, 50 Cent called out Meek Mill and said he should hurry up and “impregnate Nicki Minaj” since his career is over after taking shots at the NYC rapper.

[Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images]