Beatles Fan? Wanna Live In A Yellow Submarine? You Can For $230 A Night

Good news, Beatlemaniacs – you can all live on a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine at last. All you need is about $200 and a plane ticket to Liverpool.

A floating, 80-foot hotel themed after the popular Beatles track is docked in Liverpool, England’s Albert Dock, reports Daily Mail. The brain-child of eccentric businessman Alfie Bubbles, the “Yellow Submarine Hotel” opened for business on Sunday allowing fans of the Fab Four to spend a night in a psychedelic 60’s style re-creation of the Yellow Submarine, which is actually a re-appropriated prop from the film The Hunt for Red October. Bubbles himself is not a Beatles fan, and bought the prop sub from Paramount.

“Liverpool is now offering an 80ft YELLOW SUBMARINE experience for any self respecting Beatles fan. The vessel is moored at Liverpools Albert Dock and was created by 53 year old eccentric businessman Alfie Bubbles, priced from £149 a night the experience is not to be missed!” reads a local ad, promoting the hotel.

The sub fits eight across three guest rooms, each complete with 3D televisions, wireless internet, and computers. One night’s sleepover costs about $230, with weekend rates floating somewhere between $460 to $540, reports NY Daily. Bubbles isn’t hurting for customers either – reservations are already pouring in from all over the globe.

Bubbles is actually hoping to do a whole chain of floating themed hotels. His next project is figuring out how to do a Titanic and a Pirates of the Caribbean themed floating hotel, notes Huffington Post.

He also has a boat/hotel based on Batman’s greatest enemy, The Joker.

Here are some pics of the “Yellow Submarine Hotel” to whet your interest:

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