Eva Mendes Loved Being Naked for CK, Doesn't Care About Censorship

Do you remember when Eva Mendes may have been writhing and showing off a tad too much nipple in a Calvin Klein ad? When asked about the subsequent censorship in the US, UK, and Australia, Eva spoke out that she became more proud of her involvement after the ad was pulled from the small screen. When on the red carpet at the kick-off of the 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty event in Sydney, she told interviewers that:

"It makes me more proud. I'm sure if it was for some kind of independent brand that wasn't as iconic as Calvin Klein I don't think I would have done it because that's too much of a risk. But when its Calvin Klein and it's (fashion photographer) Steve Meisel shooting you and you get to be a part of this amazing iconic brand and their legacy you just kind of go for it."

Hear, hear!