Hero Baby Saves Life Even After Death — Mariah’s Funeral Expense Raising Via GoFundMe

Hero baby Mariah Augustine fought until the last round. She stayed strong for her parents throughout her medical ordeal. And it turns out that the baby girl became an honored hero.

The announcement came via Facebook, when the baby’s mother, Jessica Nicole Augustine, requested prayers for her daughter. According to the post, the baby girl had to undergo open-heart surgery. In the early morning hours of January 25, Jessica stated as follows.

“Good Morning Family and Friends! Please pray for my daughter for she will be undergoing open heart surgery within the next hour.”

As expected, several people began to comment that they’d keep the little hero in their prayers. Unfortunately, days later on January 28, the baby’s mother posted again — this time, in distress.

“Pray warrior’s i need your prayers sent, Mariah is in critical condition and has been put on a machine that is being considered ‘That Last Resort’ but i know GOD has the last say so!”

While everyone hoped and prayed that the baby girl would pull through the situation, things didn’t work that way. On January 29, Mariah’s mother returned to Facebook to thank everyone for their intentions and help. Yet it was also accompanied with the worst results a parent could ever have received.

To donate to Mariah Augustine’s burial fund, click here.

Jessica had to tell the world that her 3-year-old child had passed away. While under intensive medical attention, it still wasn’t enough to sustain the baby’s well-being and life force. On Facebook, she stated as follows.

“Thank you all for your prayers..God had other plans for Mariah and wanted her with him. She’s officially an Angel Now. Mommy, Daddy, and your big brother loves you and you will always be in our hearts.”

Hero Baby Saves Life Even After Death — Mariah's Funeral Expense Raising Via GoFundMe - Augustine Wonder Woman
Mariah Augustine dressed as Wonder Woman, Halloween 2015. And a hero in real life. [Image via Facebook]
In a show of compassion and humanity, several people expressed their condolences. No reasonable parent wants to outlive his or her children, especially not a baby. According to family, Mariah was born October 2012 and died January 2016.

Statistically, the Oklahoman reported that 19 percent of adult parents have experienced child death at one point during their life spans.

Likewise, the baby’s mother has been stricken with the sudden preparation of Mariah’s funeral. However, since parents generally don’t take out insurance policies on their children, she’s figuring out how to pay for the burial arrangements. As Theravive mentions, kids are supposed to bury their parents — not the other way around.

Accordingly, baby Mariah now has a GoFundMe page, and her mother is asking for $10,000 as the fundraiser’s goal. Within the last 17 hours, the mother’s effort has raised $2,285 from contributors. One contributor, Jamilah Stanfield, donated $400, including an empathetic comment, as follows.

“I don’t know you or your family, and yet my heart aches for ALL of you. No one knows your pain right now, but please know that there are people who are sending their love and prayers your way. It’s my prayer that you all are surrounded by support, comfort, and love during this time, and everyday afterwards. Jamilah.”

To elaborate on Jamilah’s comment, Metro Parent states that losing a child is a parent’s “worst nightmare.” The source mentions that it’s often the case that these misfortuned parents experience a state of numbness within the first few days after the child’s death, sometimes lasting weeks. The parenting source also states that child loss is an unnatural feeling and event. And because of this, the numbness helps “insulate” grieving parents from the reality of the situation. Once it’s tolerable, then emotions resume as the tolerance level dictates.

There’s no update on the mother’s emotional condition. However, she still updates Facebook with the latest events. And most recently, it turns out that baby Mariah is now considered a hero. According to the baby’s mom, Children’s Hospital recognized her as a donor hero. In the baby’s honor, they awarded her mom the “Gift of Life” medal. It can be seen in the following Facebook post.


Later, after sharing the post, Mariah’s mom made a “victory” update, telling the world the great news. She praised the baby survivor and her own daughter’s contribution.

“I just received a phone call from children’s hospital saying that the surgery was successful and The child that received mariah’s Kidneys is recovering strong and that childs life has now been saved. I cant stop crying from the joy i feel and i know my baby girl is smiling down.”

Hero Baby Saves Life Even After Death — Mariah's Funeral Expense Raising Via GoFundMe - Jessica Nicole Augustine
Jessica Nicole Augustine’s Facebook profile image. [Image via Facebook]
Jessica and her family have shown courageous positivism and honor throughout their situation. Baby Mariah is, indeed, a hero. Moreover, the baby she helped — as well as that baby’s parents — will always remember her contribution to humanity. Just as Mariah dressed during Halloween, she became someone’s Wonder Woman.

[Image via Facebook]

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