Carly Fiorina’s Latest Jab At Hillary Goes Personal, Did She Go Too Far?

At the GOP Undercard Debate Thursday night, Carly Fiorina continued her attack against Hillary Clinton. Fiorina was asked to explain her previous statements suggesting that Hillary Clinton only stayed married to Bill Clinton because of her hunger for power.

“It wasn’t a political attack. I was pointing out that Hillary Clinton would do anything to gain and hold onto power, anything. Listen, if my husband did what Bill Clinton did, I would have left him long ago,” Carly Fiorina said during the Republican Undercard Debate, Thursday night.

It’s not the first time the Monica Lewinsky scandal has been used against Clinton during her presidential run; even Bernie Sanders has commented on the affair, calling Bill Clinton’s behavior “deplorable.” But Fiorina continued her attack Thursday night, comparing Hillary Clinton to mass-murderer and drug kingpin “El Chapo” Guzman.

“She’s escaped prosecution more than El Chapo!” said Fiorina, “[Hillary] has not accomplished much of anything in her life. She’s gotten every single foreign policy challenge wrong and she continues to lie to the American people.”

Carly Fiorina’s flagging poll numbers may be to blame for her fiery rhetoric as she borrows a page from the Trump playbook – making inflammatory statements for headlines.

“The Clinton Way: Say whatever you have to say, do whatever you have to say, lie as long as you can get away with it,” Fiorina said during the debate.

Harsh words for the Democratic frontrunner, but politics aside, according to PolitiFact, Fiorina herself made a higher percentage of patently false statements than the Clinton campaign has during this election season.

The attacks came one after another as Fiorina struggles to convince Iowa voters that she can run against and beat Hillary Clinton in a general election, but Iowan voters seem more concerned about whether or not Fiorina will even make it out of the Republican primary.

At a campaign stop in Iowa, Carly Fiorina desperately tried to convince one voter that a vote for Fiorina is not a waste of a vote, reports the New York Times.

“I’m wavering, if she was doing better I’d caucus for her but I don’t think she has a chance this time,” said one voter, a businessman named Brian Thielges.

Thielges came to see her speak at a local café, to give her a chance to convince him that he should vote for her. Fiorina knelt beside him and held his hand for around four minutes, pleading for his support.

“Vote for me, come on, come on, come on,” Fiorina pleaded.

Thielges is a Republican, but after Fiorina’s poor performance in the polls, he’s considering switching parties and voting for Bernie Sanders, the New York Times reports.

Fiorina’s attacks against Hillary Clinton aren’t winning her many friends in Iowa; her supporters are worried less about her chances in the general election than her chances in the Republican Primary against juggernauts Trump and Cruz.

Another Iowa voter, who supported Fiorina because of his excitement about potentially having a female president, now finds himself disillusioned by the former Hewlett-Packard CEO.

“If Trump and Cruz are who Iowa is going to support, then I think Hillary is the most qualified. I’m not excited about her, But I’m okay with a lot of her policies,” Iowa voter Kirk Martin told the New York Times.

Iowa voters aren’t just disillusioned with Fiorina, or with the theatrics of this year’s Republican Primary, some question whether or not their state matters as much as it once did in the long run.

“The winner of Iowa never goes on to win anything, anyway,” one voter said, disappointed with the Republican candidates – and with his party for their support of Donald Trump.

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