Dead Does Not Mean Characters Remain Dead: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Adamant Jon Snow Will Return

Dead does not mean characters will stay dead when it comes to fantasy shows. Game of Thrones fans continue to believe that Jon Snow is alive, despite actor Kit Harington saying he is gone.

There have been questions surrounding the fan-favorite character since the end of Season 5, when he was stabbed repeatedly by members of the Night’s Watch. At no point did the character die on the screen, but he was left for dead in the snow, and the theory was that he would either warg into Ghost—his direwolf—or he would die in the cold. However, there was always hope that he would return in some way.

'Game Of Thrones' Fans Say Dead Does Not Mean Dead, Jon Snow Is Still Alive
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After the Season 5 finale, the showrunners said that Jon Snow was definitely dead. Game of Thrones fans were certain that they were lying. After all, they had previously said there would be no dreams, flashbacks, and prophecies, and all three have now appeared on the show. It is clear that the showrunners will lie when they need to. The problem was that they had confirmed with President Obama that Snow was definitely dead.

Since then, there have been various sightings of him in Belfast. Fans have questioned why he would still be there — with his long hair — if he was no longer needed on the set. He has also been spotted wearing Winterfell clothing, so he is not appearing in flashbacks.

This has led to various theories from Game of Thrones fans. They continue to say that it is possible for the character to die but come back. Until someone is seen to die on the show, they can be presumed still alive. After all, there are rumors that The Hound will appear again, despite being left for dead at the end of the fourth season. Some believed that with Melisandre’s return to The Wall after realizing that Stannis would die, she would be able to bring Jon back from the dead.

Now, Harington says that he has not filmed Game of Thrones for some time, according to Digital Spy. He has repeated the words of his possible former bosses, saying that he is definitely dead and fans will need to get used to it. Some fans have taken to social media to say that they will stop watching the show now because their favorites are all ending up being killed in some way. From the beginning, fans had to say goodbye to their favorite and presumed main characters, such as Sean Bean’s Eddard Stark.

'Game Of Thrones' Fans Believe Jon Snow Is Alive, Dead Does Not Mean Dead
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

That being said, Harington has hinted that his character will appear in Season 6 in some way. Rather than saying that he has the whole of last year off, he said that he had quite a bit of time off, according to Nerdist, which would suggest there was some filming of Thrones. The trailers have also hinted that the character will be back in some way. It is possible that there will be the odd shots, but that his storyline is not a main focus for the sixth season of the show.

The latest trailers have shown that Houses Stark, Lannister and Targaryen will be the main focuses, but that there will be looks at Winterfell; after all, Sansa Stark was last seen there. The Watchers on the Wall had already said that filming had taken place around the Winterfell setting, and it is possible that the Northern Lords will be battling together to take down the Boltons. Bran Stark has also been featured in the trailers, and there is already confirmation that he will return to the show.

Game of Thrones returns on April 24, and all questions regarding Jon Snow and the featured storylines will be answered.

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