‘Affluenza Teen’ Ethan Couch Returned To Texas And Juvenile Authorities, Faces Many Charges [Breaking News]

The next chapter in the strange world of the affluenza family of Ethan Couch is about to begin, as Couch was delivered back to Texas after finally giving up his battle against deportation from a Mexican prison in Guadalajara. With a mother on house arrest with an ankle monitor and unable to socialize with felons and a father who has filed for divorce, the Couch family have fallen on hard times. Ethan Couch is now in the hands of juvenile authorities, but that could change soon. Regardless, Ethan Couch is facing a handful of charges.

According to the Inquisitr, Ethan Couch is due for a hearing soon, which will decide if his case can be moved fro, juvenile court to adult court. Pushing for the move is MADD, which got many signatures on a petition to finally punish Couch with some time behind bars. It seems that most residents of Texas are ready to see Couch learn a lesson.

The Washington Post reports that Couch was flown to Dallas-Fort Worth from Mexico City on Thursday and met with authorities.

“Randy Turner, chief juvenile probation officer for Tarrant County, told The Washington Post that Couch will be held in a juvenile detention center until a detention hearing Friday. He could not speak further because it is a juvenile case.”

Sam Jordan of the district attorney’s office expressed the concern if Couch is not moved to adult court.

“Under Texas law, when someone under 17 is convicted of a crime, the case remains in juvenile court until his 19th birthday, and then the sentence can be dropped.”

And sympathy or compassion for Ethan Couch ran out when he fled the country to Mexico after allegedly violating probation.

“We think he should have been in the adult system already,” Jordan said last month, “so we applied to have the case moved, meaning he would have to serve the remaining eight years of his probation.”

MADD is committed to fighting affluenza and stopping people like Ethan Couch from asserting white privilege.

CNN reports that “affluenza” Ethan Couch seemed to be healthy and well behaved while returning from a Mexican prison. Sheriff Dee Anderson of Tarrant County was there to meet him.

“He was very calm. He was very quiet, very passive, not at all argumentative or resistant. He followed every direction. His only request is he was hungry and wanted something to eat,” Anderson said. “He was as compliant and as docile as anyone we have ever seen coming into a facility.”

The law requires that a hearing is put in place within 24 hours of a prisoner’s return, and that will happen today.

“We hope justice can now be served for those four victims and their families,” Anderson said.

Representatives from MADD are ready to attend the hearing and make sure that the people’s will is heard.

“Couch’s actions are not that of a child, and we will continue our petition… to move Couch’s case from juvenile to adult court. Couch may be back to fight his battle in court, but MADD is here to continue fighting ‘Affluenza.’ We must ensure Couch gets prison,” said Colleen Sheehey-Church, the group’s national president.

Ethan Couch’s stateside attorney is now backpedaling on the idea that Ethan Couch was taken to Mexico against his will.

“I don’t think that’s what I said. As far as Ethan being taken against his will, we are examining the facts, investigating the facts.”

Brown is confident that his client will be released and placed back on probation.

Do you think the affluenza case will be moved to adult court?

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