‘The Division’ Beta: First Hour Game Play Experience — Dark Zone Details

Tom Clancy The Division beta already has players experiencing the open world action-RPG game. Already available are first-time game play experiences, tips for beginners, and specifics regarding the Dark Zone. At first glance, there does appear to be an overwhelming amount of hovering graphics, icons, and HUD items, distracting NPC dialogue, and so on, but the beta is a learning process for the developer to get things right before launch.

The beta servers are now live. Today, the beta is available on Xbox, and tomorrow it becomes available for PC and PlayStation 4.

The following Division sample video is not safe for work (NSFW), as it contains video game violence and profane language.

The Division does live up to the hype of being a non-fantasy, dragon/troll fighting RPG in that it’s about player-focused development on an individual level. Basically, it hones in on the advancement of your specific character.

There’s more to it than just a tactical shoot ’em up situation, but the ability to customize your character’s equipment at a mathematical level, according to a report at Lazy Gamer, which lends its appeal to those who appreciate such an advancement. There does appear to be an evolution of character development in The Division game once weapons and gear are discovered on the bodies of fresh kills or in boxes, and then utilized or even customized at a later time for further improvements in the field like in the Dark Zone.

The Division gameplay experience reported by The Lazy Gamer and their corresponding video, gave unto a limited access to player traits when partaking in missions. There does seem to be an initial fortification process of taking over The Post Office as a base of operations. Later, your “first, and only, story mission” to complete involves securing the Medical Wing to achieve one of the three abilities your division agent possesses.

Another part of The Division game is that the AI does keep you on your toes as they take on a more aggressive, tactical stance when firing and maneuvering towards your flanks. In case you do get cold feet after sitting for too long, they come your way and are even reactionary to your own advances, which is pretty remarkable.

Now, enter the Dark Zone. It’s a PvP area in the game where everyone is on equal ground. However, there are classifications.

If you’re teamed up with your real-life buddies around town or are part of a online clan/squad, you may not have to worry about someone shooting you in the back, but anyone else other than your buddies has potential to shoot you on the spot and rob you. If you’re going at it alone, even an extreme risk exists. In fact, it is highly recommended that you team up with someone.

That being said, to prepare yourself as a beginner in Tom Clancy’s The Division, VG24/7 put together some tips for those who want to make the best of the beta straight from the start.

The tips detail things you may overlook that could give you valuable experience points, multiple rogue encounters, where to find loot by taking the high road, weapon details and modification options, plus other tips that may better prepare yourself for the Dark Zone.

For survival purposes and greater success, VG24/7 recommends going into The Division‘s Dark Zone with a team. With that being said, there’s a multi-player matching system called “thedivision.the100.io,” which is available on their site.

Here, the division agents are divided up based on level groupings in accordance with experience.

For those who go in alone, there are probably other wanderlust Division agents looking for someone else to play with. That said, there’s an ability to engage in voice-chat with those wandering about the complex.

VG24/7 further explains The Division game details involving loot discovery and extraction, Dark Zone rogue agent ranking systems, keys and boxes, and the finally details information about dying in the Dark Zone, especially as a Rogue agent. It seems that there’s some kind of karma factor here for being a baddie.

Tom Clancy’s The Dark Zone is available to the public come March 8.

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