‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Is Little Jake Really As Evil As Everyone Thinks?

Little Jake Webber has been a troubled child on General Hospital ever since he came back to Port Charles. He spent years with Helena Cassadine and that can definitely spell trouble. On Friday’s cliffhanger, an accident is expected to happen involving Sam Morgan, but is Jake really the one behind it?

The rumor going around is that the boy will cause an accident that leaves Sam fighting for her life. In the General Hospital previews from ABC, Jason’s wife does indeed take a tumble down some basement stairs. You can also see Jake hiding beneath the stairs as well. Does this mean that he is responsible for this accident?


From the look on Jake’s face when Sam fell, he looked a little shocked. He obviously didn’t push her down the stairs, because he wasn’t even near her, as can be discerned from the previews. He could have left something on the steps to make her fall, but then again, she could have just tripped on the high heeled boots that she frequently wears.

While viewers were previously led to believe that little Jake was evil enough to cause Sam harm, that may not be the case at all. General Hospital have not given anything away just yet. However, the scenes leading up to this point show a little boy who would go to any lengths to get what he wants, which is having his daddy, Jason, back home with Elizabeth. He only wants to be a happy family.

Of course, there are those pictures that Jake has been drawing that seem to have Franco quite worried. Being that he is an art therapist at the hospital, he has been looking at the drawings that Elizabeth’s son has sketched and they are quite dark, according to Franco, He should know, because he did the same thing when he was Jake’s age and General Hospital fans know how that turned out. Franco has every right to be worried.

Jason is also starting to wonder about his son. On Thursday’s episode, he discovered a picture that Jake recently drew and he is now putting two and two together. His flashbacks to all that Jake has said and lashed out about, pointed to the black figure on the sheet on paper, which is supposed to be Sam. He is certainly angry with her and blames Sam for keeping his mommy and daddy apart.

Rebecca Herbst. (Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for Smile Train)

Being that Helena Cassadine did whatever was necessary to get what she wanted, and Jake was raised by her for years, the boy could have learned some evil things just being around her. But, would the writers of General Hospital go as far as to have a child attempt to murder someone?

Shooting back to the previews, Sam is seen lying at the bottom of the stairs and is badly hurt. What will little Jake do? Will he run to get help? According to spoilers by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Sam figures out that Jake, not Elizabeth or Franco, is behind the incidents at his house. Supposedly, Jake lures Sam down to the basement and that is when she falls.

The aftermath will be interesting. All fingers point to Jake as causing Sam’s accident. Who will be the one to find Sam? It could possibly be Franco if he is worried enough to take a trip to Elizabeth’s house. He is expected to warn Elizabeth about her son when they are both at the hospital. It could be that they both take off to the house and finds the horrible situation there. Will this whole thing be covered up to protect Jake thinking that he pushed her down the stairs?

General Hospital fans may not be too happy that the writers are making it look like Jake is an evil child that would do something like this. Tearing up the house is one thing, but attempted murder may be too much. This could be leading into everything just being an accident on Sam’s part. That way, Jake can truly get the help he needs before he does something worse.

What are your thoughts on this story line on General Hospital? Do you think that Jake really made Sam fall down the stairs? Stay tuned to find out.

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