Dakoda Heiser: ‘Bonkers’ Mom In Feces-Filled House Bound Baby In Car Seat Next To Bong, Police Say

Dakoda Heiser, a 21-year-old mom of a 2-month-old baby, found herself under arrest last week after a bizarre incident when she called sheriff’s deputies in Pinal County, Arizona, to her San Tan Valley home. However, she refused to let them in and screamed at them when they arrived, banging her head against the wall and forcing them to place the young mother in handcuffs.

But her alarming behavior was only the beginning of a sequence of disturbing discoveries made by the deputies on Friday, January 22, after they showed up at the home on Meadow Land Drive, pictured above right, for a welfare check on the residents there. The visit was prompted by a macabre 911 call that consisted of an unidentified woman “screaming incoherently into the phone,” according to a report by Phoenix television station KNXV-TV.

What alarmed 911 dispatchers more than anything, however, were the cries of a baby, clearly in distress, in the background of the woman’s screaming 911 call, according to a report by KSAZ-TV in Phoenix.

Watch the KNXV news broadcast on the unsettling arrest in the video below.

The 911 call was placed, investigators discovered, by Dakoda Heiser herself, who was described by a Meadow Lane Drive neighbor as “going bonkers” leading up to the time that the deputies arrived at her home.

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Even though Heiser summoned the law enforcement officers to her home of her own accord, when they got there, she refused to let them inside or even talk to them. When she finally did open the door, she attempted to block them from entering the home. She then started screaming again and repeatedly banged her head against the wall of the home. At that point, the deputies made the decision to place her in handcuffs and make their way inside the house.

What they found inside the otherwise unassuming, suburban dwelling left even the sheriff’s deputies shocked — and disgusted.

The place was an unkempt and unsanitary mess, littered with dog feces and other trash, including empty bottles of alcoholic beverages. However, the most appalling discovery came when deputies entered a bedroom and found a 2-month-old infant, who turned out to be Dakoda Heiser’s son, bound to a car seat and apparently thrown onto the bed.

Also on the bed, right next to the baby boy, the deputies found drug paraphernalia, including a water bong and a clear glass pipe, according to an account in the Casa Grande Dispatch newspaper.

They also found what they later described as a small amount of “an unknown narcotic.”

“Deputies found deplorable conditions in the home where this infant was living,” Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said in a written statement. “There were dog feces, empty alcohol containers, and evidence of drug use in the presence of the infant. We notified the Department of Child Services who were able to place the infant with a responsible family member.”

Deputies also said that Heiser screamed at them and demanded to see her son while also threatening suicide.

Ironically, the sheriff in charge of the disturbing case, Paul Babeu, is currently in the midst of an abuse scandal of his own. A video, seen below, surfaced this week from 1999 when Babeu was headmaster of a school for troubled youth in his native Massachusetts.

In the video, Babeu can be clearly heard laughing as he describes the manner in which students at the school were physically abused in the name of “discipline.” Babeu is also running for Congress, and the video this week has emerged as a major problem for his campaign.

As for clearly troubled mom Dakoda Heiser, she was arrested and jailed, and she now faces both child neglect and drug charges.

[Photos By Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, KNXV-TV Screen Capture]

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