José Aldo Demands MMA Fight Against Conor McGregor And It Doesn’t Have To Be For The UFC Featherweight Championship

Many MMA fans were hyped for UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor because it would be the venue to decide who truly was the best in the UFC featherweight division today. It pitted Conor McGregor, a showstopping fighter who backed up in the cage what he said on the mic, against José Aldo, the reigning king of the division since 2006. In just a mere 13 seconds, we all got our answer as “The Notorious” connected with his patented vicious left-hand shot square into Aldo’s face causing “Scarface” to face plant in the center of the cage. Needless to say, it was a shocking finish to a fight many thought would at least go the distance given the repertoire both fighters have.

In the aftermath of that fight, Conor McGregor’s name skyrocketed to echelon status, possibly surpassing Ronda Rousey. His charisma and swagger make him the new face of UFC, yet his tenacity for more means he is unwilling to settle for less. He is now looking to defeat Rafael dos Anjos to claim the UFC lightweight championship, which in turn will make McGregor the promotion’s very first double champion.

José Aldo on the other hand has been biding his time, wanting his rematch. Now, it seems “Scarface” is willing to put everything on the line as he is calling out Conor McGregor. As a matter of fact, Aldo yearns for his chance that he even says McGregor doesn’t have to put the UFC featherweight championship on the line.

Jose Aldo on Instagram
José Aldo uploaded this photo along with a caption calling out Conor McGregor on his official Instagram account (Image via José Aldo’s Official Instagram).

The former champion’s announcement was made via social media, through a post he uploaded on his official Instagram. In it, José Aldo included the picture above with the following caption calling out Conor McGregor (translated from Portuguese).

“Hi everyone, I was quiet for a while, because I was waiting for my rematch. In fact, I was already training for it, based on how the fight went down. But apparently I was wrong. So I wanted to make something clear to the UFC: for everything that I’ve done, everything I’ve accepted, and mostly how the fight ended, I will not accept any other fight other than a title shot. My only exception would be fighting Conor McGregor. At any time, anywhere, and since he is scared and knows that I’m gonna win… It doesn’t even have to be title fight against him. You can keep my belt. What I want is to whoop your a**. Again: any time, anywhere. Dana White. Lorenzo Fertitta. Keep your word. I still believe in the company that I work for.”

It is evident a lot of what José Aldo said was lost in translation, but it looks as if Aldo is making a stand against his employers, wanting only the championship fight or Conor McGregor.

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Unfortunately for José Aldo, he may be “unemployed” for quite some time, as reported by Mstarz. As mentioned earlier, Conor McGregor will be fighting Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 196: dos Anjos vs. McGregor for the UFC lightweight championship. Him becoming a double champion doesn’t just mean McGregor makes UFC history, but he will be pulling double duty in defending. Also, Dana White has been vocal that McGregor’s first title defense as UFC featherweight champion will most likely go to Frankie Edgar, who earned the opportunity after knocking out Chad Mendes last December.

In the end, José Aldo will simply have to wait for his chance to regain either his title, his retribution, or both. If karma wants to play her hand, Aldo will probably end up waiting up to 13 months, the same amount of time Conor McGregor had to wait until he finally fought Aldo.

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