Body Of Bobbie Maples Positively Identified

The search for missing woman Bobbie Maples is over, after authorities have positively identified a body that was unearthed last Friday. MLive reports that a medical examiner has confirmed the body as belonging to the Michigan woman that had been missing for more than a year.

Since the body of the once-missing woman has been positively identified, an investigation is now fully underway regarding the circumstances of how she ended up buried on a private property in rural Muskegon County. Meanwhile, no details regarding her cause of death are being released at this time. Chief assistant prosecutor for Muskegon County, Tim Maat, provided a statement for the public.

“The circumstances of Ms. Maples’ death are part of an active investigation. Our office is working in close cooperation with the Roosevelt Park Police Department, the Michigan State Police and the Medical Examiner’s office to determine the manner and cause of death and the concealment of her body.”

Fox News 17 reports that an autopsy has been completed, but — again — no details surrounding her cause of death are being released at this time. Bobbie Maples disappeared shortly after giving birth to a baby girl in December of 2014. From that moment, her mother was convinced that she had met some kind of foul play, given the fact that Bobbie had not gone a day without visiting her newborn daughter in the hospital. After more than a year of pushing for awareness of her disappearance, the mother of Bobbie Maples is living a parent’s nightmare. No longer is her daughter missing. Now, she’s confirmed dead, and authorities say they have at least one suspect.

I want to thank ever one, who helped, who cared, who shared her story, for keeping her story alive. As you know, Bobbie,…

Posted by Justice for Bobbie Maples on Thursday, January 28, 2016

While nobody has specifically declared Bobbie’s death as a homicide, authorities in Muskegon have confirmed that a suspect is in custody on unrelated charges. They’ve also revealed that Bobbie’s body was discovered thanks to a tip that was given to them.

On social media, condolences are being heavily shared for the loved ones of the once-missing woman. The page once-dedicated to finding her has now been renamed, and is dedicated to finding justice for the woman’s disappearance and death. Users of both Twitter and Facebook are talking about this case in large numbers, while authorities remain silent on what exactly happened to Bobbie.

Wishing you peace above all, Wishing you answers and justice.

Posted by Lori Hartman-Landis on Thursday, January 28, 2016

I’m very sadden to see this update about Bobbi. I’ve been following this page and story since this page was created. I…

Posted by Gabby Baum on Thursday, January 28, 2016

Will there be justice for Bobbie Maples? It’s a question that is hard to ask, when authorities won’t yet declare her death a homicide. Nonetheless, she was indeed found buried, which in and of itself indicates a criminal act was committed surrounding her death — whether it was an accident or through means of foul play. Hopefully police in Michigan get to the bottom of what happened to Bobbie Maples, so her loved ones can rest easy knowing justice will be served.

In the meantime, if you think you may have information pertinent to the investigation surrounding Bobbie’s death, please do not hesitate to contact the Michigan State Police.

[Photo via Justice for Bobbie Maples Facebook page]

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