Bernie Sanders Releases Health Records: Find Out What Docs Say About Presidential Hopeful

When Bernie Sanders releases health records, it gets the internet talking! Bernie has a pretty clean and consistent record, both in politics and even on his own health. He is really just a little older than some of the other candidates. Ironically, he is only 5 years older than Donald Trump. Trump is 69 and Sanders is 74. Hillary Clinton is 68.

Still, if elected Bernie would be the oldest candidate ever elected to serve as president. Previously, Ronald Reagan held that honor, but he was only 70 when he first took office. By inauguration time next January, Bernie Sanders would be 75.

Bernie Sanders [Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]
As the Daily Beast reports, Bernie Sanders releases his health records with some pride, as well he should at his age. He’s taken care good of himself. He doesn’t smoke and rarely drinks. He is 74-years-old, 72 inches tall, and weighs 179 pounds. Blood pressure is great for his age; 136/81 and a pulse of 72. There is no real sign of trouble in his health records at all. Bernie is quick to tell CNN, and as was later reported in the New York Times, there are no surprises here.

“I have been blessed with good health and good endurance, And there’s nothing in the medical records that is going to surprise anybody. And we will get them out as soon as possible.”

Bernie Sanders released health records that reflect absolutely no sign of cardiovascular trouble, nor has he had any serious health problems in the past. His staff already knew that when Bernie Sanders releases his medical records, he can be confident, and supporters can be relieved. His colonoscopy is also completely normal, with no history of trouble there, so he’s pretty safe from any sort of serious complication in the near future. Amazingly, the only two medications he takes are a very common thyroid medication called Levothyroxine, and an occasional dose of indomethecin, a mild pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Indomethecin is commonly perscribed for joint pain, muscle pain, and stiffness. It is a very common prescription medication, similar to many of the over-the-counter varieties of anti-inflammatory pain relievers.

Bernie Sanders Feel the Bern! c
Bernie Sanders Rallies his Supporters [Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]
Bernie Sanders Hits Campaign Trail In New Hampshire
Bernie Sanders Rallies Supporters. [Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]
Bernie has, like everyone else, had a few past problems, which include gout, a bit of diverticulitis, some esophageal reflux, and a few benign skin tumors that have been removed completely. He has not had any major surgeries, but there were a few minor ones. He had hernia surgery when he was younger, and there was also a repair to his eye. He had to have a small cyst removed from his vocal chords once, as well. None of this is very unusual at all. In fact, he may be among the healthier presidential candidates, now or in the past. He has to watch his cholesterol, as it runs high at times, but as Bernie Sanders released his health records, we can see he has no major health issues.

CNN Reports that Bernie stacks up well against the rest of the potential presidential pack. Coincidentally, Hillary also suffers from low thyroid. This condition is easily treated with an inexpensive supplemental thyroid hormone pill taken each day. Bernie and Hillary both require that. Hillary suffered a concussion in 2012, but has long since recovered, and she is reported to be in excellent health. Donald Trump and Jeb Bush have also released their records, and they are also in excellent health.

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and Donald Trump have all submitted health records. The rest of the candidates will soon follow suit. All candidates appear to be quite healthy so far, with no major illnesses or conditions. As Bernie Sanders releases his health records, as is customary for all presidential candidates, we can rest assured that his health is not an issue in this campaign.

[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

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