Kim Richards’ Personal Battle With Monty: Was He Angry With Her Before His Death?

Kim Richards announced this week that her beloved ex-husband, Monty Brinson, had passed away. Richards had told Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers that Monty was battling cancer, and she would be taking care of him. Kim moved him into her home and started to care for him. It didn’t take long before his health started affecting her. Richards was arrested for getting drunk and lashing out at an officer back in April.

According to a new Radar Online report, Kim Richards may have been dealing with much more than fans knew behind closed doors. Of course, Richards has her own troubles with prescription drugs and alcohol, but there may have been some family issues as well. The report reveals that Brinson was angry with his daughter, Brooke Wiederhorn, because she decided to leave town over the holidays. Maybe he knew that the end was coming soon.

“Monty was so upset the Brooke wasn’t with him and went out of town,” a source has revealed to Radar Online, adding, “He was telling friends that he was really hurt by Brooke and didn’t understand why she would do what she did.”

It is very possible that Monty knew the end was near and wanted to spend every minute with his children. On the other hand, it would be unfair to demand Brooke to stay at home and not travel with her husband over the holidays. One can imagine she’s been spending plenty of time with him when he was living with her mother, Kim Richards. After his death, Brooke posted a picture of her father, revealing that he gave “the best hugs.” It doesn’t sound like there was any bad blood between Brooke and her father prior to his death, as the source hints.

“Monty was in no frame of mind to be talking with anyone,” the source continued, adding that his anger was also directed at other people, saying, “Monty was furious at Kim too. He didn’t understand why she didn’t make Brooke stay and be with him. Monty told people that Kyle was the reason that Kim was so messed up.”

Even though there may have been some drama behind closed doors, it sounds like Brooke is able to move on after losing her family. Not only did she post that her father gave her the best hugs, but she also wrote a touching tribute to him after losing him earlier this week.

“My father fought till the very end and never gave up. He was surrounded by everyone he loved and went peacefully,” Brooke wrote about her father, adding, “Today is bittersweet knowing that he is at peace and doesn’t have to fight this horrible disease anymore.”

The source reveals that he also had some issues with Kyle Richards, saying that he was clearly on Kim’s side. But surprisingly, he had no bad feelings in regards to Kim Richards’ other sister, Kathy Hilton.

“Monty loved Kathy and Rick,” the source reveals, adding, “He was so thankful for everything they did for him and how much they loved him. They made his life so bearable at the end.”

According to ABC News, Kim decided to share the news of his passing on her social media. Rather than issue a lengthy statement, Richards merely revealed the news on Instagram.

“Yesterday I said goodbye to best the friend I’ve ever had in my life. Monty was an amazing person with an amazing soul,” Kim revealed on Instagram, adding, “We shared over 30 years of Love & Happiness and brought a beautiful daughter into world. I am so grateful for all that we shared. I know we will be together again one day. I love you Monty. My angel in heaven.. and I know that we be together again one day. I will carry you in my heart always my love…until then,may you rest in peace.”

[Image via Instagram]