Jana Duggar’s Love Life To Be Focus Of First Episode Of Duggars’ Revived TV Series

Jana Duggar’s love life — or the lack thereof — has been speculated about for years. So far, the oldest Duggar daughter has provided curious Duggar fans with little insight into how she really feels about being single and stuck at home with her parents. However, a recent report claims that 26-year-old Jana will touch on the topic during the first new episode of the Duggar family’s revived TV series.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, TLC is actually going to bring back 19 Kids and Counting instead of turning the Jill & Jessa: Counting On specials into a series. This means that TLC will likely spend a little more time focusing on the lives of Jill and Jessa’s siblings, and Jana Duggar is one of the family members that Duggar fans are the most curious about. The 19 Kids revival hasn’t been officially announced yet, but the Duggars have been spotted filming with TLC camera crews on at least two different occasions.

Production sources have reportedly revealed that Jana Duggar will “delve into her feelings about still being single while her younger sisters are getting married and starting families” during the first new episode of 19 Kids and Counting.

Jana Duggar Filming

Jana has watched younger sisters Jill and Jessa get married, move out, and have babies. Meanwhile, her life is seemingly at a standstill — she’s still living at the Duggar family compound and acting as a “sister mom” to her younger siblings. Now that Jill and Jessa are gone, this means that there are less helping hands around the house. Michelle tasks her older kids with looking after the little ones and doing household chores, so Jana and the other adult Duggar daughters still living at home — 21-year-old Jinger and 18-year-old Joy-Anna — probably don’t have a lot of free time these days. In other words, Jana might be too busy babysitting to begin a courtship.

The absence of romance in Jana’s life has sparked rampant rumors and speculation about why she’s single, including suggestions that she’s being discouraged from getting married because Jim Bob and Michelle don’t want to lose their live-in nanny and maid.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous how much the family makes Jana and the older siblings do,” a source told Radar Online. “Jim Bob and Michelle have totally transitioned a lot of their parental responsibilities onto her.”

If Jana Duggar does get questioned about her love life during the first new episode of 19 Kids and Counting, it actually won’t be the first time that she’s talked about it, and she might simply repeat what she’s said in the past. According to the Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Jana was previously asked to open up about her love life during the 2014 19 Kids and Counting episode, “Duggars Go Glam.”

“I’m good whenever that time comes. I’m good with just waiting right now,” Jana said during an interview segment of the show.

You can also check out what Joy-Anna said about marriage in the Entertainment Tonight clip below.

Jana Duggar also talked about waiting during a 2014 interview with People.

“I just think for me I am just waiting and we’ll see. When God brings that one along it will be his timing.”

Jana also has to wait for her match-making dad to find a guy that she’s actually interested in getting to know. Jana doesn’t get to know potential suitors first—instead — they court her father. Jim Bob Duggar only tells Jana about the guys he likes, and so far, his daughter hasn’t been a fan of any of the young men that he has fallen in love with.

“There have been a lot of guys who have been interested in her, I have gone to hear about each one, and so far she hasn’t felt that is the way the Lord is leading,” Jim Bob said.

In another 2014 interview, Jana Duggar was asked to respond to fans who felt bad for her because she was not in a courtship. At the 3:32 mark in the video below, Jana says that she and Jinger don’t feel pressured to start courting. Jill Duggar interrupts to say that her sisters are “still waiting” but that they’ve had a lot of guys interested in them.

During the Jill & Jessa: Counting On special, Jana hinted that Josh Duggar’s cheating scandal has made it hard for her to feel comfortable getting close to any of the men who are interested in her.

“Who do you trust?” Jana Duggar asked. “Are people who they appear to be or do they have these masks on and are something they really aren’t?”

Jana Duggar’s twin brother, John David, is also currently single, but there’s no word on whether he’ll also get grilled about his love life during the first new episode of 19 Kids and Counting. However, he’ll definitely make an appearance on the show. As the Inquisitr previously reported, he and Jana were spotted filming with a TLC camera crew earlier this month. They were at a lumber yard purchasing materials to build a tree house.

Jana And John David Duggar Single

Jana, Anna, Jessa, and Joy-Anna were also seen filming at a thrift shore recently, so it looks like Duggar fans will be seeing a lot of shopping excursions on the 19 Kids revival. With no new courtships or pregnancies, there really aren’t an exciting family events going on for TLC to film. Yes, the network could ask the family to share their reactions to the lawsuit that porn star Danica Dillon filed against Josh Duggar, but it’s hard to imagine the Duggars wanting to draw attention to another of Josh’s many scandals.

The lack of big Duggar life events might be why the TLC producers are going to press Jana Duggar to talk about her lack of a love life—it’s something the network can tease fans with to get them to tune in. However, there’s a good chance that she’ll simply inform them that she’s still waiting.

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