Bethesda Wants Your ‘Fallout 4’ Fan Creations, Promises To Share More Details On Console Mods And DLC Soon

While Bethesda Game Studios is now currently working on the first DLC pack for Fallout 4, the developer of the popular post-apocalyptic franchise has issued a challenge to fans to send in their favorite personal creations based on the game. The best examples of community-driven artworks for Fallout 4 will even be selected to be shared on the official BethesdaNet website as well as several of the developer’s own social network accounts.

After sharing the first round of chosen Fallout 4 fan creations, Bethesda announced their plans to regularly promote their favorite artworks as part on a new ongoing series on their website. The works that are deemed to be of the highest quality will be shared throughout the community as part of the new “Bethesda High Five.”

“There’s something special about seeing the creations crafted by our talented community. Whether a drawing, cosplay, video, or even a giant LEGO masterpiece, we’re constantly floored by your creativity. That’s exactly why we’re starting The High Five, a roundup of notable fan creations that simply must be admired – what better way to celebrate your hard work than an Internet high five?”

As evidenced by looking at the pieces chosen to make up the first “High Five,” Bethesda is seeking more than just traditional drawing and paintings. The developer is also interested in seeing player-created Fallout 4 sculptures as well.

Fallout 4 Swatter replica
Replica Fallout 4 Swatter as shared by Twitter user @AdamRupple [Image via BethesdaNet]

Another physical piece showcased was of a Fallout 4 power armor helmet that was a collaborative effort from Kirby Downey from a 3D model that was originally built by Daniel Lillygreen.

Fallout 4 3D printed helmet
Fallout 4 3D printed helmet from Imgur user KirbyDowney [Image via BethesdaNet]

Even fan-captured screenshots and videos of unique moments in Fallout 4 will be considered for inclusion in the “Bethesda High Five” as the developer shared one of the many Fallout 4 game videos from YouTube user EzPlays. The chosen video gives fans a look at a modded battle that features 10 Liberty Primes face off against a thousand Deathclaws.

Along with the introduction of the first ever “High Five” segment on the BethesdaNet, the developer is also extending an open call for all creators to submit their own works for consideration in future posts. In addition to occasional articles on their website, Bekthesda also plans to continue to regularly share the best fan works via Twitter and Facebook.

“Want to submit your own creations? Simply continue to share your work with us on our social channels for a chance to be featured (we encourage you to use the hashtag #BethesdaHighFive). Meanwhile, we’ll keep sharing community content on our social channels every day.”

At the same time that Bethesda seeks to find the great fan creations, the developer is also making progress on making good on their promise to bring mod support for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions of Fallout 4. After being asked about how much progress has been made towards getting Fallout 4 mods on consoles, Betheda responded that they ill have more information on the subject “soon” in a reply from their official Twitter account earlier this week.

Fallout 4 will be the first Bethesda title that will introduce mod support to current-gen console systems. Before now, mods have general remained an exclusive perk that has traditionally been enjoyed only be PC gamers. With Fallout 4 however, the development team plans to deliver mods to the Xbox One and PS4 via the BethesdaNet platform. As revealed in a report from The Inquisitr from late last year, Betheda claims that console gamers will be able to download and install mods through a single click. Since the same mods will be accessed by Steam users from the same network, PC and console player will have access to much of the same content.

Are you excited for the upcoming release of Bethesda-developed DLC for Fallout 4 or are you more looking forward to the launch of the official creation kit which will bring an influx of user-built mods.

[Image via BethesdaNet]