Casey Anthony Murdered? Another Hoax Goes Viral

Casey Anthony is the topic of another viral hoax, and people are actually falling for it. On Wednesday, a post on Top Rated Viral started getting a load of attention on Facebook from people who honestly believe that the woman, once known in the media as “Tot Mom,” was violently murdered. To the contrary, the notorious woman is alive and well. There are even new updates in the mainstream media regarding her high profile case, and the details surrounding the death of her once-missing daughter Caylee Marie Anthony.

The hoax story circulating on social media claims that the body of Casey Anthony has been found in Warren, Ohio — and the woman appears to be the victim of a horrifically violent murder. The reports falsely claim that Anthony was found in the bed of a truck, and had been partially dismembered along with suffering from apparent signs of blunt force trauma. Ironically, the body of the woman was reported to have a heart shaped sticker on duct tape that was covering her mouth. This is a detail that mimics the manner in which Caylee Anthony’s body was discovered. This hoaxed news report paints a gruesome picture of the murder of one of America’s most hated women.

The sentiment being shared in reaction to this hoaxed news report seems to be the same. People are sharing the story with comments in support of what happened to Anthony, declaring that justice has been served against the woman that many believe got away with killing her own child. Meanwhile, there are a few comments that are expressing sorrow for the “slain” woman.

The truth of the matter is Casey Anthony is not dead. She has not been found violently murdered in the state of Ohio, and isn’t even known to be living there at this time. However, some recent news about her case has hit media headlines. The Palm Beach Post recently reported that a new book accuses Casey of hiding Caylee’s body in the trunk of her car for several days. The book was reportedly written by an investigator that was once hired to represent the Anthony family early on in this notorious case. The book alleges that Anthony drowned her daughter and then concealed her body before finding a wooded area in which to dump it. Even though Anthony was acquitted, the claims seem to align with investigative findings that the scent of human decomposition was found in her car.

Even though Casey Anthony was acquitted in the murder of her own daughter, no other suspects have ever been identified, arrested or charged in this case. Meanwhile, the public remains heavily biased against Anthony, believing that she got away with an unthinkable act that defies the bond of mother and child. While Anthony remains reclusive and out of the eye of the still-angry public, hoaxes will likely continue to surface about her in hopes of attracting unneeded attention to her name.

[Photo: Casey Anthony via Twitter]

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