5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Could And Should Be America’s Next President

Bernie Sanders, probably the unlikeliest candidate in the race to become America’s next president at one point in time, has started to get people on his side. While once the Vermont senator’s chances to win the Democratic nomination, let alone win the presidency, seemed a long shot, now the tables have started to turn.

With a dramatic surge in his poll numbers since the beginning of his campaign, Bernie Sanders has not only been able to build initial momentum, but he has gone on to establish himself as a serious candidate in the race for the presidency. Not only that, the fact that his campaign has been able to raise funding from two million different, individual donors speaks volumes about his appeal among common, hard-working Americans.

So now that the Iowa caucuses are only a few days away, I will chart out five reasons I believe could be instrumental in making Bernie Sanders America’s next president.

Bernie Sanders’ call for a political revolution strikes a chord with hard-working Americans

As mentioned in an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Bernie Sanders has managed to strike a chord with hard-working Americans who believe that the Senator’s call for a political revolution might only be possible if there is a unified attempt by ordinary citizens to carry out the momentous task.

While many of his goals have been deemed impossible by his rivals, Sanders’ message is simple: Not me, us.

Bernie Sanders
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The Vermont senator does not have a magic wand, and he does not claim to have one. But, at the highest seat of political power, Sanders will have more than a chance to get the ball rolling for what he promises could be sweeping changes in America’s political system, and that is perhaps just what people have been waiting for.

Bernie Sanders speaks for common Americans when he criticizes America’s rigged economy

Probably more than any other major country of such stature, the United States has been prone to an economic system that benefits few and oppresses the rest. Sanders’ emphasis on bringing about Wall Street reforms and his promises to break up the big banks, like his earlier message for a political revolution, has echoed among voters, and it could help him in the long run.

More importantly, of all the candidate(s) Sanders might be up against — be it Hillary Clinton in the Democratic race for nomination or Donald Trump for the presidency — Sanders has the cleanest record when it comes to colluding with the big financial institutions of the country. Trump is a billionaire and Clinton has taken millions of dollars in speaking fees from Wall Street, but Sanders is the only one running on people power and, by consequence, has a greater chance of success than either of those candidates.

Bernie Sanders is the only voice left who will speak the truth even if it hurts him politically

Bernie Sanders places a lot of importance on speaking the truth. In fact, his whole campaign is based on not shying away from issues that really matter to the common American, unlike, say, Trump, who instigates fear by speaking lies and spreading hate among different communities.

This is not to say, of course, that problems like Islamic fundamentalism do not pose a problem for America. They do, but so does unemployment, healthcare, a corrupt and political economic system that only privileges a few at the cost of others, and guns. Tackling problems on the domestic front rather than focusing on spreading anxiety is a commonsensical approach that most presidential candidates should aspire to, but unfortunately, Bernie Sanders seems like the only man who will do that.

Add to that the fact that Sanders does not believe in getting engaged in smear campaigns against his opposition. Even when Donald Trump repeatedly attacked Hillary Clinton on her husband’s past and called it “fair game,” Sanders avoided such tactics.

Basically, the Vermont senator is not afraid to present an opinion even when he knows it might hurt him politically, and the American people ought to respect him for that.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have not based their campaigns which focus on the betterment of average Americans.
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Bernie Sanders believes in taxing the rich, providing an unequivocal healthcare plan for all Americans, and wants to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure

Despite what his detractors may say about his “impossible” dreams, the fact remains that Bernie Sanders has chalked out his plans most meticulously. He knows what is hurting the American people and wants to address those issues once and for all if he comes to power.

Among those plans, of course, is the well-documented healthcare plan, which is not about scrapping Obamacare completely (as Clinton might have us believe) but instead is about making it more robust.

Furthermore, the Vermont senator intends to tax the rich heavily, something that will definitely not hold him in good stead in the political circles that he intends to work with. To counter that, Sanders hopes a political revolution in the country will give him a major backing by people, which in turn will help him pass bills and bring about changes that the creamy layer of American society might not fully endorse.

As BBC News reports, Sanders’ “Rebuild America Act” would put $1 trillion into roads, bridges, water treatment systems, and railways and airport projects, which are estimated to create 13 million jobs in his first five years in office alone.

Tell me if that is not more important than passing a law that stops Muslims from entering America’s borders.

Bernie Sanders has an intelligent and sensible foreign policy plan

Although his rivals have constantly said that Bernie Sanders’ has no foreign policy, if it was scrutinized closely, one would come to the conclusion that Sanders perhaps has the most intelligent and sane foreign policy among all the candidates, according to the Huffington Post.

Far from the war-mongering attitudes of the Republicans or the vague and ambiguous foreign policy that defined Hillary Clinton’s stint as Secretary of State, Bernie Sanders advocates a better relationship with China and an end to NAFTA, CAFTA, and other disastrous trade initiatives that have created mistrust with China and Russia as well as resentment in the developing world.

Furthermore, Sanders intends to improve relations with Iran and continues to abide by the terms of the Iran nuclear deal. As far as ISIS is concerned, Bernie Sanders certainly makes a lot of sense.

“While we must be relentless in combating terrorists who would do us harm, we cannot and should not be policemen of the world, nor bear the burden of fighting terrorism alone. The United States should be part of an international coalition, led and sustained by nations in the region that have the means to protect themselves. That is the only way to defeat ISIS and to begin the process of creating the conditions for a lasting peace in the region.”

This statement says a lot about Sanders’ understanding of problems plaguing the Middle East, and his ideas are a breath of fresh air in a political system where the only possible means of tackling an international problem is sending ground troops to conflicted countries.

If Bernie Sanders becomes the next President of the United States, it is just possible that America’s foreign policy will be better defined and more commonsensical than we have seen in a long time. And perhaps, that statement will hold true for other things too.

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