Jennifer Lopez Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction At The Rear

Jennifer Lopez was the victim of an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during her concert in Las Vegas where she performed her “All I Have” set to a massive crowd. The incident occurred on Sunday night in Sin City, and E! News shares the details as to the moment the malfunction occurred.

“The 46-year-old singer was performing her hit song ‘On the Floor’ and leaned forward to take a bow when her glittery, body-hugging Michael Costello jumpsuit ripped open from behind, baring her big booty for all to see. Being the professional that she is, ‘The Boy Next Door’ actress was unfazed by the incident and went on with the performance like nothing happened.”

As the Globe reminds, Jennifer Lopez has not been a stranger to wardrobe issues. She suffered a bit of a “nip slip” back in 2012 while performing “two separate shows in Italy and London, she suffered a nipple slip while wearing a Zuhair Murad bodysuit.”

E! relays the details of the two separate incidents from 2012.

“[T]he multi-hyphenate popped out of her Zuhair Murad jumpsuit but continued to perform despite the accident. She also presented the Oscar for Best Costume at the 2012 Academy Awards where many believed her nipple made a brief appearance; however, some think it was just a shadow from her dress. Wearing a hot pink, strapless dress to a party, Lopez danced the night away, but unfortunately while raising the roof her dress fell, revealing one of her nipple pasties. But being the all-star that she is, she kept on dancing. Way to own it, J.Lo!”

Lopez’ Las Vegas residency began last weekend and the first performance was to a packed crowd that had some A-listers sitting in its audience. Celebrities in attendance included Hoda Kotb, Ryan Seacrest, Rebel Wilson and Justin Bieber.

E! shares about an extra bit of entertainment at the opening night, which was not provided by Jen, herself, but the singer and performer’s mother. JLo’s mom was all about supporting her daughter and danced away next to Hoda, who shared some fun and wonderful words about the experience and Lopez’ mother’s actions at the show.

“J.Lo’s mom was next to me, and she was dancing during the show. When there was a risqué part, the grandma, J. Lo’s mom, took the babies, took the kids, and put their heads, like, to her chest so that the kids weren’t watching what was going on.”

Unfortunately, the star’s pant-split moment was caught on camera and is available for anyone’s viewing.