‘Bachelor’ Olivia Caridi Jokes About Vegas Performance, Says Cankle Convo With Ben Higgins Was ‘Butchered’

The latest episode of The Bachelor starring Ben Higgins showed Olivia Caridi having a meltdown about her disastrous performance in Las Vegas. Yet while she was sobbing about her performance during filming, she now seems to be laughing about it.

As the episode aired on Monday night, Olivia tweeted a joke about her performance. She wrote that that all of those dance lessons didn’t pay off. Attached to the tweet is a photo of herself as a young girl in a dance outfit.

As it has happened for the past few episodes, the latest episode of The Bachelor focused heavily on Olivia. Caridi, who received the first impression rose on the first night, was often shown talking about her strong connection with Ben and expressing confidence that Ben will choose her in the end. Yet the episode also showed her having insecurities about where she stands with Ben, especially when Ben went on a one-on-one date with another contestant.

During the group’s stay in Las Vegas, some of the women, for their group date, were asked to perform in front of a live audience as part of Terry Fator’s show. Olivia chose to perform as a Las Vegas showgirl. Prior to her performance, Olivia seemed very confident that her routine would impress Ben and the audience.

Yet when her performance actually started, Olivia, in a fiery red showgirl outfit, quickly unraveled. After emerging from a giant cake, she had trouble getting down to the stage. She then moved awkwardly around the stage, with no visible choreography to her routine. She made some flat jokes. Ben and the other contestants were visibly embarrassed for Olivia. Another contestant said that it was like watching a train wreck that you know you shouldn’t watch but just can’t help yourself. Ben even covered his face with his hands.

After the performance, Olivia broke down. She sobbed and declared that she was having a panic attack. She had to be sat down in a private room and be comforted by show personnel.

Olivia Caridi’s Las Vegas performance wasn’t the first debacle for her. On last week’s episode, she seemingly showed no genuine concern for Ben when she, after Ben revealed that two people close to him and his community just died in a plane accident, cried to him about her cankles.

In a statement to show alum Sharleen Joynt, who was on Juan Pablo Galavis’ season of The Bachelor, for her Bachelor blog recap, Olivia explained why she talked to Ben about her body at that moment. Olivia also explained that she did ask Ben how he was doing but it was edited out.

“So growing up, I was bullied really badly for being overweight. I’ve had people say horrible things about me. Boyfriends broke up with me because of my legs. I hate them. My first two dates I had to wear spandex and I was so embarrassed with all of these beautiful skinny girls. Then after the soccer game Ben said to me ‘your legs are long.’ I freaked out and thought OMG he hates them. Then he said, ‘I love them.’ I almost cried. I’d never heard anyone say that to me before. But we ran out of time and I wanted to open up to him about how much that meant to me. So [the night of the Rose Ceremony] I asked him how he was doing, told him I was there for him always, and then said that he told me something that changed my life. I opened up about my past. Then I said regardless of what happens, just that little thing you said showed me that there is a man out there that will look at me and not see the imperfections that I see. Showed me that I can love every part of me and someone else can, too…I wanted to tell him that to make him feel good. That was my favorite conversation with him and it was completely butchered.”

Olivia also revealed that she actually wasn’t the last person to get the rose at that rose ceremony.

So what did Ben Higgins think of Olivia Caridi’s Las Vegas performance? In his latest Bachelor blog, Ben wrote that he was impressed.

“And honestly, I had no idea Olivia was so mortified by her performance. I understood that there was some humor mixed in there. I have said over and over again that I am far from cool or smooth so I understand awkward moments and actually love that she was able to embrace it in front of more than 1,000 people. I hate that she was so affected by it…I wish she had known that I was nothing but impressed by the courage she showed on that stage earlier that day.”

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]