Selena Gomez and Samuel Krost Still Going Strong — Is Justin Bieber Really Jealous?

Selena Gomez has moved on from her troubled Justin Bieber relationship. Gomez has been looking pretty cozy lately with Samuel Krost, and rumor has it that Bieber isn’t happy to see them together. Justin has previously called Selena the “love of his life,” and it’s looking like now that Hailey Baldwin is out of the picture, he’s got his eye on Selena again. Gomez just wasn’t willing to wait around for Bieber to commit, and can you blame her?

Selena is finally happy, and Justin Bieber is dying with jealousy, according to Hollywood Life. Apparently, the “Sorry” singer is sorry that he didn’t change his ways sooner, because now Gomez has another man. It is reportedly really hard for Bieber to watch Samuel Krost holding hands with Selena Gomez as they enjoy the beginning of what many fans hope will be a happy romance for the new couple.

Justin has made it clear that Selena is his soul mate, so it’s probably hard for the singer right now. Gomez is on top of the world, and hasn’t seen the level of success that she is currently enjoying. With her new-ish release of Revival and both “Same Old Love” and “Hands To Myself” still at the top of the charts, things are looking good for Selena. Everywhere you go, there is something to remind him of Gomez.

Hollywood Life reported that Justin “is trying to avoid all the Samuel Krost stuff because it makes him jealous.” Likewise, there have been a lot of stories about how Selena Gomez will never get over Bieber. Hopefully, Selena will be able to enjoy her new romance with Krost without the interruption of Bieber. It was heavily speculated that Selena’s most recent failed relationship with Zedd all had to do with the fact that Selena has never gotten over Justin Bieber.

Selena has been spending time with her new beau, Samuel Krost, since before she was spotted snuggling up to One Direction’s Niall Horan. The Krost sightings have been going on since back in November, when Selena was seen holding hands with her man after a Glamour event.

Samuel Krost isn’t famous in his own right. Instead, it looks like Selena has opted to date an educated man this time around. Samuel is friends with Bella and Gigi Hadid but, according to his LinkedIn profile, Selena’s man is a Sales and Merchandising Executive for Onia. It makes sense that Krost would have some connections with showbiz since he works in fashion himself.

As for Selena and Justin, Hollywood Life claims the former couple still speak once a week. Apparently, Gomez likes to know what the Biebs is up to, so they often text and call each other. It really looks like neither one will just let go so instead, Selena tries to convince herself that she and Justin are just friends now.

Too bad that’s not what he thinks. Justin has stayed in contact with many of his former flames, but he’s made it clear that Selena Gomez is “the one.” Bieber even told Ellen DeGeneres late last year that he may even marry Gomez one day, and still isn’t counting out the possibility. Why would he? Bieber has dated several other women while on breaks or between reunions with Selena, and she always seems to take him back. Justin will keep on playing with Selena’s emotions and going back and forth with the Revival star until she puts her foot down. After all, why does Bieber always get jealous about who Selena Gomez is with when it’s pretty clear that if he really would just clean up his act, they probably would be together?