Robin Thicke Crashes Porsche

Looks like musician and Duets judge Robin Thicke got a little more than what he bargained for when he went out to the Chateau Marmont last night.

According to a police report which was obtained by TMZ, Thicke, 35, completely totaled his black convertible Porsche late last night while leaving the Chateau Marmont on Los Angeles’ Suset Boulevard. Robin told the police that another car completely cut him off, and when he swerved to avoid a collision with the car, his Porsche was sent smacking into a parked Volkswagen. The impact of the car was so severe that the back tire completely smashed into the vehicle, and the air bags luckily deployed, which might have saved Thicke’s life.

Luckily it was reported that no one on the scene was injured, even if the singer’s Porsche was completely totaled. Going from photographs of the scene the Volkswagen that Thicke hit was towed away shortly after the accident along with Thicke’s Porsche. Despite getting into a huge car accident, Robin Thicke didn’t seem to be too bent out of shape about the whole thing. In fact, as he was being escorted by the police, Robin made sure to give a big wave and a smile to the photographer before he got a lift back home.

According to TMZ cops said there were no drugs or alcohol involved in the accident. It’s said that Thicke’s camp could not be reached for a statement regarding the accident, Robin, or any of the details from last night.

Do you think Robin Thicke was lucky to survive the accident?