Lisa Vanderpump Says Jax Taylor’s Arrest ‘Tainted’ ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Lisa Vanderpump usually watches over her SUR employees and she wants them to do well when they are not at work. But the Vanderpump Rules stars know how to get into trouble, even when they are together on a group trip. On Tom Sandoval’s birthday trip to Hawaii, things were going great with the co-stars — right up until they had to leave and go home.

Lisa Vanderpump was shocked to learn that Jax Taylor had been arrested for stealing a pair of sunglasses. Jax had walked into a store, grabbed the sunglasses and then walked out. He claims he was drunk, which doesn’t change Lisa’s mind about the situation. Vanderpump was shocked about the outcome, and she thinks it has changed Vanderpump Rules. Could he be fired from SUR and be removed from the show?

According to a new Bravo report, Lisa Vanderpump is now revealing that she was shocked that he got arrested, and she wants to move on. But she does mention that his arrest “tainted [their] show,” which could influence how big of a role he has in the future.

“Not his proudest moment, that’s for sure. I think it was a big shock to him. I really do. I think he was cavalier and he felt that he could pretty much do whatever he wanted. And I think that that was a large wake-up call. Also, I think feeling my foot up his ass didn’t help him because as sympathetic as I was, it wasn’t with him. It was for all the people around [him]. And, also, I felt that it tainted our show. That’s not what I want. And I understand irresponsible behavior, but, he took it too far,” Lisa Vanderpump reveals to the Daily Dish after the episode aired.

Vanderpump is always trying to get him to take responsibility for his actions. It may have taken him a few tries before, but she admits that he’s is truly trying to make his wrongs right. Jax is moving on with his girlfriend, Brittany, and he wants to act responsibly. And Lisa wants fans to give him a chance to fix things.

“You see on the show coming up, he takes a little bit more social responsibility [and] understanding about the importance of giving back. Because I also drove home to him, it’s not about him stealing and getting caught. Look at it about the business [that] somebody’s created that you walking off with their $300 or $400 pair of sunglasses could be their profit for that day and you don’t need that. So, really, as I’ve always said to my children, and I think you see that, is always try to look at it from somebody else’s point of view, the situation,” Lisa Vanderpump explains, according to Bravo.

Vanderpump has fired people before for acting stupid and silly, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she considered firing Jax over being arrested. He is a well-known bartender, and people who watch Vanderpump Rules, may come to SUR just to get a drink from him. One can imagine that business is up after Vanderpump Rules started airing on Bravo. But Lisa does have a business to protect, and she was genuinely shocked when she learned of his arrest.

“I can’t believe it. Jax has gotten himself arrested. Jax just had the vacation of his life, why does he have to go and screw it up in the last hour? He’s always pushing boundaries, and now it has kind of bitten him in the a**,” Lisa revealed in her Bravo blog for the episode.

Do you think Jax Taylor’s job could be in jeopardy after his arrest? Do you think Jax tainted the show like Lisa Vanderpump says?

[Image via Screen Capture/Bravo]