Beauty Products That No Makeup Bag Should Be Without

Every woman has those products in their makeup bag that they don’t want to live without, but who wouldn’t like to add to that arsenal? To stumble upon that shade of lipstick that becomes your go-to or that perfect concealer that matches your skin tone exactly would warrant room in your bag that goes everywhere with you.

According to the Inquisitr, there are several must-haves for the redhead’s cosmetics bag. But finding that great shade of lipstick that proves that a ginger can rock a red lip is priceless. The key to matching up a great lipstick is understanding whether you are a warm or cool skin tone. Most fair people who burn in the sun are cool, and those who can tan are warm. Olive complexions are always warm.

Audrey Noble of Vanity Fair suggests that even though she tends to go low-key on daily makeup, that is no reason to keep a cosmetics bag stocked with favorites. She keeps a strict 15-minute face rule for daily wear. One of the keys to success with this is Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer.

“I have very oily, acne-prone skin, which means a concealer is a must for hiding those blemishes. With its serum texture, this concealer blends with my skin effortlessly and is extremely lightweight; even the biggest pimple will be covered without looking like makeup has been caked on. Two thumbs up!”

Noble also says that cosmetics that can do double duty are key, so Sisley Photo-Eye Twist fits the bill.

“This pencil doubles as an eye-shadow stick and eyeliner. For most days, I use it for an extra-big line on my lids. The color is highly pigmented, so I need only one swipe, and it glides on super-smoothly. The best part is that it is long-wearing. I use this every day and truly love it!”

Cosmopolitan U.K. suggests makeup bag must-haves every girl should have for that perfect canvas. Maybelline Babyskin Pore Eraser helps you start off with great-looking skin, which is the best accessory, and it comes at a nice price (about $8).

“Primer? That little liquid so many of us skip, yet if we took the time to smooth it on, our makeup would anchor down. Babyskin comes in a lightweight gel that helps create a flawless, powerless canvas.”

Another foundation piece that might go unnoticed but can help define your look is eyebrow gel. Who needs to fix one’s eyebrows in place? You do, according to Cosmo. For this, they recommend the Body Shop Brow Gel.

“Even if brow powders are not your thing, taming your brows is a must. A well-groomed brow can frame your face for the whole day. This Body Shop product is the work horse of your makeup bag.”

Harper’s Bazaar got a list of the top must-haves from makeup artist Jenn Streicher. First she suggests a good slanted tweezer. It’s important to spend a bit of money for this, as a tweezer that has ends that don’t match up exactly can’t get the job done.

“Great eyebrows make a huge difference in your look—they give definition to your features. Mehaz tweezers are the best. They’re slanted and grab up the hairs without taking the skin. I take them to get sharpened regularly.”

Next, another one of those double-duty products, a tinted moisturizer. Curb your dryness, add some translucent color, and protect your skin from sun damage with one product.

“A moisturizer that also offers coverage is a great way to cut down on the clutter. Clinique makes a great BB cream with SPF protection, and I love Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer.”

What is the go-to in your makeup bag?

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