More Make-Up Choices From ‘How To Be A Redhead’ Choosing The Best Lip Colors For Gingers

Choosing the right make-up color to accentuate red hair and a redhead’s complexion is not easy to do. Redheads already stand out with their flame-colored hair, and often fair skin, so the wrong color choice can be really wrong. One of the first things to do is to evaluate the tone of your complexion.

According to the Inquisitr, on Kiss a Ginger Day, including color in your wardrobe and the trouble with eyebrows were covered. One of the things to know about brows is that they rarely match your hair exactly. Redheads are actually fair-haired people, though their hair might be brightly-colored. For this reason, their eyebrows tend to be blonde, or seem to lack much color. Using powder, wax, or fixative might help hold their shape, allowing them to be seen, rather than blending in. Even darker haired people tend to have brows that don’t match the color of the hair on their head.

How to Be a Redhead covers suggestions to determine your redheaded skin tone, and if you are a cool or a warm. Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti make suggestions on how to figure out what your tone is.

“Cool Tones: This means that you have blue-green tint to go with that fleshy skin color. Usually, this skin type burns very easily and turns red after or during sun exposure. And, the complexion is really pale or rosy.”

Most redheads are cool, but a few are warm.

“Warm Tones: This means you have peaches, reds, and purples mixed into your skin color. This skin type tans very easily and its complexion is usually beige, golden, olive, and bronze.”

The Vendetti’s say that the idea that redheads need to avoid red lipstick is false, because the right red can be very striking against fair skin.

Here are some suggestions on the best way to fly your ginger flag.

Fair-Medium Skin with pink undertones should try blue-pink reds, including the following.

  • Maybelline “Non-Stop Red”
  • Stila “All Day Fiery”
  • Lancôme “Rubis Exquis” #182

Pale/Fair Skin (most redheads) should try these neutral reds.

  • MAC “Ruby Woo”
  • L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipcolour in “British Red”
  • Susan Ciminelli “True Red”

Olive skin or yellow undertones should try Orange-reds like the ones below.

  • MAC “Lady Danger”
  • Giorgio Armani #401
  • Chanel Rouge Allure “Incandescente 97”

Elle agrees that choosing a lipstick shade for a ginger is all about skin tone. First, determine what color your undertone is.

“If pink is present in the skin, red hair can enhance it,” says Kate Lee, also a celebrity makeup artist for Chanel. “And bluish undertones can stand out more on redheads since their skin tends to be fair. Blue is naturally occurring in any skin tone, particularly under the eyes, but is especially prominent in red-headed folk.”

Cutting the redness, especially under the eyes can improve the overall appearance of the complexion.

“A tinted moisturizer with a yellow undertone will cut any redness while also evening out the appearance of your skin,” says Goodwin. One to try: M.A.C Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15.”

Stylecaster suggests that checking out famous redheads, and the way their rock it on the red carpet is a good starting point. Bryce Dallas Howard, Christina Hendricks, and Emma Stone each show off their fiery mane in different ways.

“Christina Hendricks is never afraid to experiment with makeup, and she showcases one of the biggest fears for redheads: red lipstick. This shows that you can definitely try a bold and vibrant red even if your hair is just that. Do be careful of matching your lipstick color to your hair though!”

And Emma Stone brings an elegant, classic Hollywood look to red hair.

“Emma Stone, quite possibly one of the main reasons everyone is goes gaga over red hair, looks stunning with a wine-stained lip. She completed the look with a thick cat eye and a faint amount of blush as well. Again, her hair has an auburn tone to it so it compliments the deep lip color — although this deep color would be a good contrast to many redheads.”

Do you have a tip for rocking the ginger locks?

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